What is a HND course in UK?

Pursuing the course that directly gives you the opportunity of placements is an overwhelming thought while considering the career path. When it comes to comparing all different courses, consider the next academic step-up from level A with the HND, the Higher National Diploma course that provides you practical skills qualifications in your profession.

You may find plenty of courses from higher national diplomas to degree certificates, but the right choice you make decides the successful career path. Every qualification carries some weight towards the evaluability of a foundation degree. Read out further to know what makes the HND differ from all the regular bachelor’s degrees.

What is the meaning of HND?

HND is a higher national diploma that perfectly suits those individuals who wish to develop a ‘hands-on’ experience simultaneously with studies. It is a work-related course that can be pursued full-time for two years or part-time for four years.

This course is structured as an academic higher education qualification in the United Kingdom and several other countries like Nigeria. The HND is a vocational course designed to make a progressive career with secure employment.

What is the difference between degree and HND?

The first and the simple difference is the name; HND (Higher National Diploma) and degree are for the students who complete their higher educational qualification. HND is a complete work-related course that focuses on practical skills to support your qualification degree, while a degree provides almost theoretical knowledge.

Degrees like B.A and B.Sc also provide practical skills from the second year of the term, while HND is designed to acquire and develop the practical skills immediately after enrollment. You can join HND to get a quicker and more direct route into your professions while pursuing particular degrees.

Indeed recruiters are looking for work experience rather than good grades on sheets. You can increase the chances of employment with HND rather than just a mere degree.

Is HND a good qualification?

HND is the most preferable qualification and is considered by employers and valued by professional bodies and other recruiting organizations. If the students get a work-related experience with studies the same, they are considered as the appropriate candidate soon after the educational qualification.

What is the scope of HND?

There are plenty of opportunities available for HNDs in every particular field that includes:

  • Accounting
  • Business and management
  • Construction and civil engineering
  • Textile designing
  • Computer technology
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality management
  • Arts and Science
  • Agriculture
  • Health and Social Care

Accomplishing a complete vocationally-focused career path is the brightest side of HND qualification. After the degree, you will always look for an opportunity to gain work skills in your chosen field. The HND course provides you with complete practical skills in a more real on-field experience that can be recognized and valued by employers.

The HND is the direct stride that leads to the workplace soon after the completion of your regular degree. To gain enrollment into a higher national degree course, you will need minimum criteria of one or two A-levels.

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