What is the foundation course in the UK?

A foundation course is a study program modeled by the UK that is meant to bridge the gaps between your present qualifications and experience as well as the degree required for admission to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at foreign universities.

Foundation courses often referred to as preparatory courses or paths programs, are designed to enhance any learning or qualifications which you may potentially lack after graduating from higher school. A foundational program is a very initial stage in completing your degree properly.

The foundation program narrows the gap between your present qualifications and also the undergraduate entrance criteria of UK universities. It is intended to assist you to strengthen your English, addressing scholastic shortcomings, and becoming acquainted with UK cultural identity in preparation for universities. These programs last 2 to 3 years, based on if you choose part-time or full-time coursework.

Foundation year in the UK for international students

When you’re an international candidate who has finished less than 13 years of schooling and intends to pursue your initial degrees in the UK, you must initially undertake coursework at a UK university or the institution. This program is generally constructed for school-leavers who’ve already completed a non-British curricular yet want a degree at a UK university.

Commerce, Finance, and Administration; Computer; Laws; Design and Art; Architecture; Sociology; Medical; Science and Pharmaceutical; Communication; and Humanities are some of the areas that foundation programs may train you for.

Many institutions in the United Kingdom or European Countries provide preparatory programs which typically last one full year.  Preparatory programs are often separated into 3 semesters, or periods, all having their unique set of lessons.

Modules are divided into small courses and main topics which are quite specialized to student’s educational scholastic career. Typically, students begin the foundational programs in September and graduate to begin the Bachelor’s or Master’s programs the following October.

Foundation course in UK requirements

International students seeking to pursue a foundation course must have a minimal IELTS score of 4.5, with no individual part lower than 4.0. If you do not have official English skills, you might have to enroll in an English training program or university before beginning your coursework. The following documentation and admission criteria are required:

  • A baseline IELTS grade of 4.5 or similar is required.
  • Higher Secondary School Certification
  • Transcripts of Higher Secondary Education
  • A letter of recommendation from a high school professor
  • Statement of purpose
  • Passport as well as visa printed copies

Top universities providing Foundational courses in the UK

Whenever you plan to study internationally and undertake the foundation years which might act as accommodation, enroll at the finest institutions in the UK. It is the best destination for international students to study. Nowadays, the nation has over 100 institutions that provide around 4,500 pre-Bachelors and pre-Masters preparatory or route programs. Some of the best universities in the UK to pursue university courses are listed down below:

  • Queen Mary University of London
  • University of Leeds
  • Durham University
  • University College London
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of Bristol
  • Loughborough College
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Glasgow
  • Edge Hill University
  • University of Southampton

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