Domestika Review: Hone your creative skills to the next level

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In this article, I will start by introducing Domestika, the range of online courses it provides in various subjects, something about instructors, the course quality, cost of the courses, and then I will explain how this platform is different from other online platforms like Skillshare, Coursera, Udemy, etc.

What is Domestika?

Domestika is one of the largest communities for creatives. It offers thousands of online creative courses, making it possible for anyone with a passion for art or design to learn new skills, and improve both their art techniques and digital skills.

It brings you the world’s biggest library of online creative courses. You can learn everything from photographydesign, and development, to businessbranding, and product creation.

It’s the best platform to boost your creativity and imagination in your studies and in your profession. No matter if you’re freelancing and working at big corporations, Domestika has something for you.

Courses offered by Domestika

Source- Domestika

Domestika offers courses in almost every creative category. Most courses are for beginners while courses are offered in categories such as:-

  • Illustration
  • Craft
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Design
  • Interior design
  • Creative Coding
  • Writing
  • Fashion
  • Music

Interior Designing

Domestika is a revolutionary way for interior design students and professionals to learn new skills, fine-tune their knowledge through exercises and projects and acquire new insights from industry leaders.

It enables everyone who wants to learn about interior design or architecture to do so at a low cost. Domestika aims to offer quality classes taught by experienced professionals rather than entry-level associates.


Domestika provides self-guided photography courses that seek to help photographers of all skill levels take their craft to the next level. Domestika features a succinct, hands-on approach to creative thinking and visual language, with steps, tips, and guides designed to build a fine foundation of capable knowledge in photography.

Domestika guides you through the fundamentals of exposure theory, composition, and equipment function. From aperture and ISO to white balance and metering modes, these video tutorials will bolster your knowledge of everything that happens before the shutter even snaps. 

The platform shows you how to create images that inspire, making both you and those around you wonder how you ever took a picture without being a Domestika student.


Domestika is also dedicated to aspiring fashion designers, artists, and illustrators. The entire platform provides a pathway for creative minds to learn more about how fashion is designed, illustrated, marketed, and sold. 

From learning the basic fundamentals of sketching and drawing, fashion designing principles, marketing your brand online and offline to creating your own business empire around it.


Dominika offers design students the to elevate their design skills with boot camp-style courses in graphic design, web design, furniture design, cake design, and brand design. The courses are also best for students who want to simply update their resumes.

Classes range from beginner tutorials all the way up to advanced courses should you want to do some serious learning. The instructors produce multiple high-quality courses to help you learn the skills of designing. Some of the courses recommended are:-

  • Brand Identity Design: Expressing Visual Meaning A course by Mumfolk Studio
  • Furniture Design and Construction for Beginners A course by Patricio Ortega
  • Creative Web Design: Planning and Coding from Scratch A course by DXR Zone

Brand Identity Design: Expressing Visual Meaning A course by Mumfolk Studio

This course by the graphic designer Helen Bamborough who is the founder of Mumfolk Studio helps small businesses owned by mothers to form their brand identity to express their visual message. In this course, you’ll go from brand research to design development like logo, secondary mark, and other decorative elements for branding.


With Domestika, you can learn social media marketing, content marketing, brand identity design, copywriting, storytelling, and other digital marketing strategies for your creative business. The marketing courses are best for any freelancer, small business owner, or entrepreneur. Some of the courses that would recommend are:-

The Art of Storytelling for Freelancers and Creators

This is the course that I’ve taken is from Sun Yi on Domestika. In this course, you’ll learn to formulate your hero’s journey to use on the web, blog, and speeches. The instructor narrates his story of how he started his career as a freelance web designer and went from nearly broke to running his own digital marketing agency in New York City called Night Owls. The course is perfect for freelancers, online coaches, content marketers, and other entrepreneurs.

  • Instagram Strategy for Business Growth A course by Dot Lung
  • Brand Strategy on Instagram A course by Julieta Tello
  • Copywriting for Social Media A course by Paul Anglin

Structure and flow of the Course content in Domestika

Every course syllabus is properly structured by maintaining a good flow where the instructor first introduces himself/herself and what are his/her influences. It is then going unit by unit with sufficient hands-on exercises and community discussion and finally a course project.

The content of the syllabus consists of a good amount of theoretical and practical knowledge with the aim to apply the learnings right away in the final project.   

How much it cost for a Domestika course?

Source- Domestika

Domestika courses are priced reasonably well. You can get a course as cheap as $10 or less. After purchasing the course, you get lifetime access to it which includes all the course materials and community forum discussion.

You can also get a coupon code by reviewing the course you’ve purchased and can get somewhere around 20% off on your next course purchase. Domestika also has sales that go around during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc with a good amount of deals.

Learn with experiened and relatable Instructors in Domestika

Source- Domestika- Instagram Strategy for Business Growth
A course by Dot Lung

Domestika classes are conducted by renowned instructors who come from top design schools and worked in multinationals they teach by sharing their working experience and knowledge.

For example, you would be taught by Dot Lung who is known as, “The Mother of Social Media Dragons”. In her course, “Instagram Strategy for Business Growth” and another one which is related to personal branding, she explains her methodology(the Dragon formula) which she built by self-learning and by getting experience working as a lecturer at the University of Barcelona, Toulouse Business School, IED Barcelona and by formulating social media content strategy for companies such as Mixtiles, Digital Design Days, Facebook, Wix, eToro, Planeta Group, besides many.

All the instructors come from the creative industry. They have years of experience working with big and meaningful projects.

Domestika teaching methodology

Domestika provides practical courses that you can take at your own pace, at home, or on the go and apply right away for your work. Each course is focused on practicing rather than teaching. With highly instructive and interactive video courses, lifetime access to further reinforce the presented concepts, and real-life projects – you have no reason not to learn!

Interaction during the class

Brand Strategy for Online Platforms
A course by James Eccleston- Domestika

The online learning experience is interactive and student-centered where the learners are asked to actively participate in the forum discussion and connect with other participants through chat, comments, and follow.

The learners are encouraged to share their projects in the forum where other students can see, inspire and get guidance from the instructor. 

Learning resources provided in the course

Domestika provides the course materials and other learning resources that will walk you through the steps of working through the lessons, and present lesson material in a clear, uncomplicated format.

The Course Materials answer all of your questions – even the ones you haven’t thought to ask yet! Every unit includes learning resources like pdfs, useful links, ted talks, etc to reinforce what you have just learned. 

Level of difficulty of courses in Domestika

All the courses are designed in a way so that they can be attended by pretty much everyone even those unaware or inexperienced at the start as well as by those without any previous experience.

Project-based learning

Domestika’s intensive, and interactive courses are both intellectually and experientially rich. They are deeply practical, providing project-based learning opportunities in emerging fields that are growing in relevance and importance.

Source- Domestika- Brand Strategy for Online Platforms
A course by James Eccleston

Availability of plenty of English courses

Though Domestika is a Spanish e-learning platform with the majority of the courses available in the Spanish language, it has plenty of creative English courses as well. 

There are a bunch of English-taught courses available in all categories. Some of the popular English language courses are:

  • Professional Photography for Instagram- A course by Mina Barrio
  • Instagram Strategy for Business Growth- A course by Dot Lung
  • Contemporary Brand Identity: Using Verbal and Visual Branding- A course by Michael Johnson
  • The Art of Storytelling for Freelancers and Creators- A course by Sun Yi

Even though you like some Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, or other language courses, you can still get enrolled and learn by going through English subtitles. Also, the instructor will help you to get along the way. 

Course production of Domestika

Domestika courses are made in close supervision with proper directing, recording, and scripting. Domestika controls everything from who the teacher is, the formulation of course content, actual recording within the studio, audio/video content, and entire course production. 

Comparing Domestika with other e-learning platforms

As an e-learner myself, I have experienced several other online course platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, etc. All are great. All have their own specialty. But if you’re someone who comes from creative background or design, I would highly recommend Domestika above all. It is because of the relatable instructors, high course quality, and real knowledge you get that you can practice it afterward.  


Course Quality:- Domestika classes are affordable, interactive, and pragmatic. They are not very expensive, they are priced well. The syllabus is structured to provide real-life skills and experiential learning with the availability of sufficient exercises, assignments, and tests.

Instructor quality:- Domestika harnessed the expertise of thousands of industry creatives to put together a series of online courses. Classes are led by professionals who are passionate about the topics and their subject matter and bring the latest good practice to each class session.

Platform quality:- Domestika platform is user-friendly and has a mobile app for an interactive learning experience anywhere. It features an effective algorithm-based system for designing personalized lessons for users. User-friendly interface, easy to navigate courses, mobile-friendly, free community discussions, easy-to-use controls, the platform is specifically designed for the modern learner.

Domestika is for all!

Whether you’re a student, professional, or creative, Domestika has something for you. The platform provides unique subjects and courses, which are suitable for all ages, gender, location, and nationalities. All content of courses will be prepared with love and care – to make your learning process pleasant, effective, and efficient!

Domestika is made for everyone. I guarantee it’ll help you excel in your career as well as in your personal life

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