A study on “The learning experience of the people enrolled in the Domestika classes”

As a part of the Domestika review and in order to get a true picture of the platform, I’ve conducted a “Study on the learning experience of the people enrolled in the Domestika online classes”. The survey is answered by 14 respondents who have taken Domestika classes.

The primary objective behind doing this survey is to know which factor influences more towards the learning experience of people enrolled in Domestika online classes.

I would also like to thank every Respondent who filled the questionnaire by taking out their valuable time for filling it with all details. I hope whosoever goes through this review will find it useful and worth reading. All constructive feedback is cordially invited.

Draws me in with various interesting courSurvey respondent

Quality of courses

In order to assess course quality, the questions are formed under the heads like:-

  1. Course Price
  2. Course Syllabus
  3. Assessments/Test/Exams in the course
  4. No. of assignments and exercises in the course
  5. Availability of learning recourses/PDfs/downloadables/guides
  6. Practicability/Real life applications of the course
  7. Degree of Interactivity

Course Price

Course PriceFrequencyPercentage
Very cheap321.4%
Not very expensive214.3%
Little expensive0
Very expensive0

Course price

From the above table and chart, it is known that the majority of respondents feel the courses on Domestika are budget-friendly. Hence, we can say that Domestika is not very expensive. The average price of the course is 599 INR or $5 which is very inexpensive and affordable to many.

Course Syllabus

Course SyllabusFrequencyPercentage
Task-based/Experimental(The content of the teaching is a series of complex and purposeful tasks that the students want or need to perform)0535.7%
Skill-based(The content of the course teaching is a collection of specific abilities that may play a part in real life)0857.1%
Situational (A situation usually involves several participants who are engaged in some activity in a specific setting)0
Theoretical(knowledge without any applications)017.1%

Course Syllabus

From the above table and chart, it is explained that a maximum number of respondents i.e 57.1% have said that the course syllabus of Domestika is “skill-based” and 35.7% of e-learners have said that the syllabus is “task-based”. While it seems to be theoretical to one respondent but we can conclude that the syllabus is more skill-based and task-based.

Difficulty level of Assessment/Tests/Exams in Domestika

Difficulty in Assessment/Tests/ExamsFrequencyPercentage
Very easy0428.6%
Very tough0

The difficulty level of assessments/tests/exams in Domestika

From the above table and chart, it is said that the difficulty level of tests taken in Domestika and other assessments are not very easy and not very hard, it is of medium level of difficulty according to 57.1% of respondents.

The assessments and tests are designed in a way so that they can be attended by pretty much everyone even those unaware or inexperienced at the start as well as by those with previous experience.

No of Assignments/Exercises

No. Assignments/ExercisesFrequencyPercentage
Very few0214.3%
A lot0214.3%

No. of Assignments/Exercises

The number of assignments and exercises provided by Domestika is sufficient enough according to 50% of respondents while 21.4% have said that they are few and 14.3% of respondents feel it is very few.

Availability of learning recourses/PDfs/downloadables/guides

Availability of learning recourses/PDfs/downloadables/guidesFrequencyPercentage
Very few017.1%

Availability of learning recourses/PDfs/downloadables/guides

From the above data analysis, it is known that the learning resources like pdfs, guides, and other downloadable material are sufficient. On the contrary, 28.6% of respondents have said that it is few.

Domestika provides the course materials that will walk you through the steps of working through the lessons, and present lesson material in a clear, uncomplicated format.

The Course Materials answer all of your questions – even the ones you haven’t thought to ask yet! Every lesson includes sections on How-To Information, Review Exercises to reinforce what you have just learned, Monthly Quizzes for testing what you have learned in that particular month and an Exam at the end of every course completion.

An approachable opportunity to improve.~Andrés Albrigo
Survey respondent

Creativity in practice

Practicability/Real-life applicationsFrequencyPercentage
Not practical0
Somewhat practical0428.6%
Very practical0642.9%

Practicability/Real-life applications

With Domestika you can aim to learn and practice new skills, and enhance your current abilities because the majority of respondents(42.9%) found that the courses are very practical with real-life applications.

It’s a good platform to learn, the PiP (picture in pinture) option it’s an alley during the practice taskFederico Chandia
~Survey Respondent

Level of interaction of Domestika classes

Level of interaction in classesFrequencyPercentage
Not Interactive0428.6%
Somewhat interactive0214.3%
Very Interactive017.1%


The online learning experience is somewhat interactive and student-centered when the participants are asked to actively participate in the lesson. The majority of the respondents(42.9%) here are neutral with their answer to whether or not Domestika’s classes are interactive or not interactive. Also, if we compare the sum of not “interactive and somewhat interactive” to that of “interactive and very interactive”, it is clear that the former weighs more. Therefore, we can conclude that the Domestika classes are not very interactive.

Video/audio quality

Audio/Video qualityFrequencyPercentage
Very good0321.4%

Video/audio quality

Domestika classes really have an excellent level of audio-video- quality according to 64.3% of respondents. The video is crystal clear and you’ll love how you can change the video speed. The audio is also great – no problem hearing the instructor.

It’s excellent, however, I would prefer the audio to be in English instead of reading subtitles since the instructor is Spanish.~Nikhil
Survey respondent

Domestika’s intensive, and interactive courses are both intellectually and experientially rich. They are deeply practical, providing project-based learning opportunities in emerging fields that are growing in relevance and importance.

Instructor Quality

The quality of the instructors on Domestika are evaluated under the following points:-

  • Competence
  • Experience
  • Communication
  • Teaching Skills(inc. Communication skills, Technological literacy, adaptable, encouraging, passionate)


Not Competent0
Somewhat competent0
Very competent0964.3%


The Domestika online platform allows you to learn from well-known, competent instructors. From the above table and pie chart, it is known that the instructors on Domestika are very competent. According to actual figures, 64.3% of respondents said they are very competent whereas 35.7% said instructors are competent.

Experience level of the instructors

Somewhat experienced0
Very Experienced1071.4%

Experience level

Domestika courses are taught by experienced teachers, in the comfort of your own home. According to 71.4% of the respondents, the instructors in the Domestika platform are very experienced.

Communication by instructors

Not Understandable0
Somewhat understandable0
Very understandable0857.1%


The communication while online teaching by instructors in Domestika classes is very understandable according to 57.1% of respondents.

Teaching Skills(inc. Communication skills, Technological literacy, adaptable, encouraging, passionate)

Very good0535.7%

Teaching Skills

Teaching skills include communication skills, technological literacy, adaptability, encouragement, and passion in teaching by instructors. In agreement with the 42.9% of respondents, the teaching skills of the instructors in Domestika are excellent.

Quality of the Domestika course platform

To judge the quality of the platform, respondents are asked to answer on following points:-

  • Interface/User-friendliness/Navigation
  • Mobile access or app performance

Interface/User friendliness/Navigation

Very good0428.6%


The majority of respondents said the interface of the platform is excellent in terms of navigation, and user-friendliness.

Mobile access/app performance

Very good0214.3%

Mobile access/app performance

50% of respondents have said that the mobile app performance of Domestika is excellent which means the classes are available 24/7 through a web browser on a computer or a mobile device.


It is good, the instructors are good and they know the subject, it still needs to go deeper into the course, the interface platform needs to polish many technical issues for the user, it needs to be more intiutive for the users. ~Mike Survey respondent

After analyzing the whole survey and each question, the conclusion is as follows:-

  • Course Quality:- Domestika classes are affordable, interactive, and pragmatic. They are not very expensive, they are priced well. The syllabus is structured to provide real-life skills and experiential learning with the availability of sufficient exercises, assignments, and tests.
  • Instructor quality:- Domestika harnessed the expertise of thousands of industry creatives to put together a series of online courses. Classes are led by professionals who are passionate about the topics and their subject matter and bring the latest good practice to each class session.
  • Platform quality:- Domestika platform is user-friendly and has a mobile app for an interactive learning experience anywhere. It features an effective algorithm-based system for designing personalized lessons for users. User-friendly interface, easy to navigate courses, mobile friendly, free community discussions, easy-to-use controls, the platform is specifically designed for the modern learner.

There are various factors that influence the learning experience of people enrolled in the Domestika online classes but the major ones are cost-effective, course syllabus, a number of assessments, interactiveness, instructor experience level, and audio/video quality of the platform.

Limitation of the study

Research must be precise, clear, and accurate but many a time research faced with many limitations, and the quality of research has been suffered. It is the primary job of any researcher to get rid of such limitations and try to maintain the status quo of the research because research is the base for the future.

There are many shortcomings in this research also for example unanswered surveys. Research is dependent upon the respondents. These respondents are the sample of the population. It is their job to give clear and genuine answers to each question asked during the survey. The inability and not willingness to answer is the biggest problem. The survey form is sent to many people but only 14 have answered. A small population of respondents fails to reflect the reliability of the research report. It varies a lot and can be biased as well.

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