9 Best Procreate Classes for Artists and Designers

As the demand for an online Procreate class grew, I knew designers needed a solid selection of classes to choose from. So, I’ve assembled this list of the 9 best Procreate courses on Domestika and SkillShare that will take your design skills to the next level.

In this review article, you will find top-rated procreate classes, I recommend for everyone who wants to learn to procreate from scratch and beyond.

By enrolling in the below-mentioned Procreate courses you can learn to create digital illustrations, animations, cartoon character design, tattoo design, hand lettering, digital marbling, and much more all by using Procreate!

What is Procreate?

Artists and designers all over the world are raving about ProcreateIt is a powerful digital painting and illustration tool with a vast amount of features that help you unleash your creativity.

While there are a huge number of digital painting and illustration apps available for the iPad and iPhone, Procreate still claims to be the most advanced. Its realistic strokes and dynamic effects offer a professional user experience that feels like actual paint-on-paper!

Procreate for Beginners: Digital Illustration 101

First on the list is this course for extreme beginners. If you’re a complete beginner then no other course is best than this by Brad Woodard in Domestika. This is a 4-hour intensive step-by-step course that helps you to learn all the tools and great features of Procreate. 

Brad Woodard is a graphic designer running his own creative agency named Brave the Woods. He worked with top companies such as Microsoft, eBay, USPS, and Ford.

In this 7-bundle course, you’ll learn:-

  • Introduction to the Procreate app and essentials
  • Installing, customizing, and setting up the app
  • Interface walkthrough
  • Setting up your custom canvas
  • Introduction to workspace and gestures
  • Making marks and exploring the brush library
  • How to create and work with layers
  • Selection and transform tools
  • Making adjustments to your artwork
  • Exporting your work and animating it.

Mixed Media Animation in Procreate

If you want to learn to create storyboards or learn how to tell stories through art, then this course will be valuable to you.

This course by Caroline Kjellberg, a freelance Motion Designer and Illustrator takes you through the fundamentals of mixed media animation in Procreate.

You’ll learn brand storytelling using pencils, watercolors, and digital tools, in Procreate and how to animate your work so that it plays like a film. 

In this course, you’ll learn:-

  • Creating a storyboard
  • Mixed media looping animation
  • Frame by frame animation
  • Stop-motion sequence
  • Sharing your work on social media 

Hand Lettering in Procreate: Fundamentals to Finishing Touches

In this Skillshare class, you’ll be taught valuable concepts in sketching, inking, and using Procreate tools to create a polished piece of hand lettering.

You’ll start from the beginning, learning the basics of using the app, so that you have a great understanding of how to use it before you start creating your own letters.

Then, once you’re ready, you get to some basic lettering terms, and how to start sketching out your phrases.

Next, the class covers inking methods and talks about different styles of lettering. Once you’ve got all the basics down, we want to help you create a finished piece!

Drawing People: Creating Unique and Dynamic Character Poses in Procreate

This class will focus on designing and posing diverse, stylized human character poses in Procreate Sarah Holliday, the artist, and teacher of this class is an expert at designing dynamic character poses and drawing stylized human characters from imagination.

In this course, she shares her tips for drawing strong, unique body shapes and sample stages for designing character poses.

Procreate’s unique drawing tools allow you to design and draw each character with realistic form, style, and attitude—perfect for comics, storyboarding, animation, games, and more.

Botanical Tattoo Design with Procreate

From the classroom of master tattoo artist Jen Tonic, internationally renowned for her botanical and flora-inspired tattoos and drawings, comes this Domestika class to teach you the connection between botanical images and the processes used to create colorful tattoos. 

Jen covers everything you need to know about how to create a beautiful illustrated floral tattoo using Procreate on your iPad.

In this class, you will learn how to navigate the interface, create layers, paint with various brushes, and create great color combinations that can be used in your own tattoo designs.

Among other things, you will learn about flower anatomy and edit drawings with shape tweens to create impressive life-like designs.

  • This class is for all skill levels– whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned tattooer, there will be something beneficial for everyone!
  • Learn to combine botanicals with patterns and shapes in a way that tells your story while inspiring creativity in others.

Draw Your Dream Home in Procreate

Sketching your dream home is an awesome way to let your creative juices flow, and this Skillshare class will get you moving in the right direction. Learn how to choose a design style and make it come to life using Procreate’s easy-to-use drawing tools. 

All you need is a passion for design, an iPad to act as a canvas with Procreate, and plenty of ideas flowing through your head. 

You’re going to use some practical techniques to sketch out a home that you’re excited about, define proper values and create a mood with color, then set up an architectural perspective on your iPad so you can render it off your desk.

This class is created by Cat Coquillette- a digital nomad, artist, and entrepreneur running her own creative agency called CatCoq.

Create Collages That Tell a Story | A Procreate Class

Collage is a great way to tell a story or communicate an idea. In this class, you will be focused on building collages with purpose and working in layers to be able to manipulate and edit elements at a later time. 

You will learn about how to build scenes and make interesting compositions that form out of the work.

This class prepares you to experiment with different compositions, work in layers, manipulate your photos and elements in the photos to build collages that tell a story.

Artistic Architectural Sketching with Procreate

In this Domestika class, Ehab Alhariri will teach you how to create stunning architectural sketches using the powerful and intuitive toolset in Procreate

You’ll learn how to use perspective techniques to create depth in your compositions, add lighting and shadows, and digitally paint texture in Procreate.

Each step is explained in detail with precise illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions so even beginners can follow along and become proficient at drawing sketches and developing more complex projects using Procreate.

Atmospheric Scenes in Procreate: Paint with Color and Light

Domestika’s Atmospheric Scenes in Procreate class will leave you with a painted landscape that feels truly real. With some fun color theory, tips on modeling design through mood and emotion, a bit of atmospheric perspective and so much more, this class will be sure to help you create some breathtaking work. 

You will also learn how to use the atmosphere as a storytelling element and master the art of a moody atmosphere.

Learn to carry the light of your mind’s eye into your artwork, filling it with emotion.  Ramona shows you how to take full advantage of Procreate’s intuitive interface by creating atmospheric scenes using color and light.

Overall, Procreate is a great app for aspiring artists who are looking to develop their skills or find inspiration. It’s perfect for anyone looking to get into digital art, and it offers the possibility to make it your job. If procreate is your preferred medium and you want to push your work even further, we highly recommend trying these classes out.

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