9 Instagram Marketing Classes for every creative in 2024

Ever since the introduction of Instagram in 2010, it has developed into a great platform for promoting businesses and brands. Businesses can now reach out to millions of users at one click away. You can manage marketing campaigns very effectively on this account.

It doesn’t matter if you are a business or an individual, learning Instagram marketing has numerous benefits for all. Today, the most successful brands use Instagram to boost their brand reputation, increase followers and grow their audience online.

Justenrolled has made a list of the best Instagram classes online in 2024. Below are the courses from Domestika and Skillshare. Both these creative e-learning platform has tons of Instagram marketing classes but if you want to take the action right away without any research then take these classes.

Content Creation and Editing for Instagram Stories

Source: Domestika

If you are a visual storyteller and want to learn how to use Instagram stories to engage your audience, this is the class for you!

In this class, you will learn how to create great content for your Instagram Stories and you’ll gain insight and inspiration from a professional Instagram Marketing Specialist Mina Barrio.

You’ll also, learn how to build your content strategy for your Instagram page that will increase your reach and engagement with followers.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create unique content while making your story stand out
  • Transition between different segments in your stories
  • Create story highlights.
  • Add text, graphics, stickers, and emojis over the top of your photo and video stories.
  • How to edit photos and videos on free platforms like Canva, Inshot, etc.

Instagram Strategy for Business Growth

Source: Domestika

Instagram Strategy for Business Growth is a great class to learn the tips and techniques on how to create and execute Instagram marketing strategies that are tailored to your audience, and track all of your engagement metrics!

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step course, will teach you a proven method to generate brand awareness and build meaningful relationships with your audience.

You will learn Dot Lung’s Dragon’s Formula, which has been tested, proven, and fine-tuned to ensure your Instagram efforts will bring quick and lasting returns.

The Dragon’s Framework is a 6-part strategy that helps you succeed on Instagram. In this class, Dot breaks down the framework and shows you how each element can help you fill your Instagram feed with more engaging content.

Finding Instagram Success: Build an Account People Care About

Source: Skillshare

The formula to building a successful Instagram accountoptimizing the profile, and a strategy for growing your audience is what this class will teach you.

Each lesson of the class will focus on a different aspect of the platform: understanding the algorithm, having your profile and bio reflect your unique brand, and creating content that is engaging and specific to your audience.

Together these various chapters will help you grow your audience of followers by helping them to better understand your content style and mission, even if you’re just starting out.

Video for Instagram – Tell an Engaging Story in Less Than a Minute

Source: Skillshare

Video for Instagram is the course that covers how to do video marketing on Instagram by creating a short one-minute video clip.

In this class, you will learn the basics of storyboarding and creating an effective and engaging Instagram Video.

You’ll start with themes or talking points so you can find your perfect idea. You’ll then learn how to film a series of shots that explain what is happening, adding short text overlays to keep your viewer engaged.

Finally, learn to edit them together into a polished video and share it on Instagram.

Building a Personal Brand on Instagram

Source: Domestika

Becoming an Instagram influencer doesn’t just happen overnight. There’s work, strategy, and a whole lot of hashtagging behind every successful account. From building your profile to finding the right niche and audience for your brand, This Domestika class is “exposing” the truth about becoming a social media star on Instagram

Whether you want to promote yourself or build a personal brand and become a social media influencer, you need to start thinking about yourself as a brand if you haven’t already.

This Domestika’s 2-hour online class walks you through how to create a successful Instagram profile for your personal brand. During the course, you will learn about the benefits of developing a strong brand identity and discover techniques for attracting the ideal audience for your business.

Instagram for Business: Build an Engaged Community | Learn with Iconosquare

Source: Skillshare

This 1 hour 30 minutes hour Instagram course will leave you confident in your business’s Instagram strategy. Instagram strategist Tyler McCall will walk you through: – key components of a successful IG strategy

  1. Identifying your audience
  2. Creating content by using top tools
  3. Using account growth to help get results
  4. Using IG stories effectively for communication and engagement

The class will also teach you how to use Iconosquare to schedule content, learn analytics from Iconosquare to optimize your posts, and how respond to comments.

Included in this class are specific worksheets that you can utilize with your own account.

Social Media Stardom: Making the Most of Instagram

Source: Skillshare

This is a course on becoming an Instagram star!  Lolo Jones, Olympic athlete, and social media influencer are here to bring you insider tips and advice to help your IG dreams come true. 

In this class, you’ll get a crash course on how to gain more followers and win Instagram with best practices and tricks from Lolo’s own personal story of internet stardom.

Get ready to learn all these things in this class:-

  • Learning how to use Instagram to grow your brand and learning how to leverage its fast-paced environment in your favor.
  • Learn how to maximize your Instagram feed engagement.
  • How to use Instagram stories, which tools/apps are best for Instagram marketing
  • How to leverage your Instagram account for collaboration with brands.

This class is perfect for bloggersbrand managers, entrepreneurs, or any marketer looking to grow their following in the fastest growing social media platform

Instagram Reels for Beginners: Learn to Make Fun Art Reveal Videos

Source: Skillshare

Instagram is a great social media platform for sharing art, inspiration, and news related to your work. 

Reels are one form of a short video clip that are essential for artists of all levels, providing a great way to promote yourself and build your audience.

Instagram Reels for Beginners is the best class to turn your art into eye-popping videos that get shared and enjoyed around the world.

In this class, you will learn everything you need to know from shooting your artistic video to editing it up and getting it on your feed. 

Along the way, you will practice your editing skills while creating an artistic portfolio piece that represents you in a professional and creative way.

Start a Successful Art Account on Instagram

Source: Skillshare

Looking to build your online presence and join the competitive art world, or just want to create a portfolio for starting an illustration career? In this class, Maria Lia Malandrino will share her personal process for signing up for Instagram and building an audience there.

She’ll share tips and tricks that she’s used to building a successful art account on Instagram, including how to make sure your feed shows the best of your work throughout the months.

This class covers what it means to be good at social media marketing for both individuals and small businesses attempting to market their artwork.

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