10 Creative Photography Classes to Enroll in 2022

If you’ve ever thought about trying your hand at photography, but don’t know where to start — this post is for you. If you’re ready to get started today, I highly recommend these online photography classes

Photography has transformed today. You no longer need a bulky DSLR or a professional camera to click amazing pictures. You can do it with your phone also. And, the best part is, you can monetize it.

Professional Selfies and Video Selfies for Instagram

If you want to take your selfies to the next level, this class has everything for you to learn how to take stunning, professional-looking, and polished self-portraits. For both selfies and video selfies, the class focus on natural expressions, proper lighting, placing of the camera in relation to the face, settings of your camera, posing with flattering angles, and more!

Selfies are a part of life for people around the world, as well as a way to connect with your audience on social media. By enrolling in this class, you can share your most intimate moments and display your interest in a wide variety of subjects. 

You’ll also get into the right mindset and choose the right locations for your photos–both indoor and outdoor.

This class is ideal for artists, fashion designers, models, video bloggers, stylists, or anyone interested in learning about taking photos or videos to grow their audience on Social Media. 

Dark Mood Photography for Culinary Projects

Master the techniques a professional photographer uses to shoot dramatic, moody images of food. This class will explore the features of a classic dark mood style, show you how to achieve the results in the field, and provide step-by-step editing instructions for Adobe Lightroom.

You’ll walk through setting up a home studio for low cost and be shown several different post-processing techniques for showcasing your images in the best possible light. You’ll also learn how to edit like a pro in Lightroom and other mobile apps like VSCO, Snapseed, and TouchRetouch.

iPhone Photography Essentials: Take Pro Photos With Your iPhone

This class will give you the tools to jumpstart your iPhone photography skills. After a thorough introduction to iPhone photography, we’ll dive deep into how to capture the best shots: taking photo composition into account, and shooting like a pro. You’ll learn how to master focus tapping, a game-changing technique that will allow you to add depth of field to your photos, do exposures and AE/AF lock, and follow creative concepts to take stunning photos of landscapes, portraits, travel photos, and more.

Whether you’re looking for tips on improving your photography skills or want to discover a new creative outlet, this creative class is for you!

AAFT- Online Diploma course in Photography

AAFT offers Accredited Photographic courses that take you from beginner to professional, to help develop your skills, knowledge, and understanding of the industry.

The AAFT Diploma in Photography will propel your career forward and make you a much sought-after professional. The curriculum has been created by industry professionals, giving you a thorough and complete education in the fundamentals of modern photography. You’ll learn how to use a camera, develop film make prints that are beautiful to look at, and, more importantly, sell your work. 

Color Theory in Photography

Color theory is all about creating more harmonious and more beautiful images. The class will share with you a few simple techniques that can be used to create better photographs, such as how to shoot with a specific color scheme to evoke an emotion from the viewer, how to compose using shapes, or how to use warm colors for portraits or cold colors for nature. This guide is packed full of tips & techniques that you can immediately apply to your own photography!

Moreover, you’ll explore the psychology of color through its influence on our moods, motions, and states of mind. You’ll learn to manipulate color in photography through standards of harmonious color palettes and similar components. You’ll also discover tricks to make your photos more vibrant, without having to rely on editing programs or filters.

Creative Product Photography from Start to Finish

No matter how you advertise your products, nothing speaks louder than a great photo. Product photography is more than just taking a photo of a product. It’s about captivating your potential customers with images that tell a story and spark their imagination while highlighting key product features.

Arabella and Elle are the founders of Weekend Creative. You’ll discover how they started their creative agency, the key skills they use on a daily basis, and their most valuable advice.

From sourcing inspiration, location scouting, and styling, to shooting the final set of images, you’ll learn all the tricks they have up their sleeves. Make no mistake – these ladies know what they’re doing!

You’ll take inspiration from the everyday objects around you and turn it into incredible product shots that will showcase your talent and make your products stand out from the crowd. 

Filled with practical, step-by-step instructions and professional tips, this book is great for beginner and experienced product photographers alike. 

Color and Lighting Effects for Studio Photography

Learn how to harness the power of color and light for gorgeous, glowing portraits that pop in your photos. This comprehensive guide is packed with tips and techniques for setting up and executing shots with a color wash, color temperature shifts, flash gels, and other lighting effects.

Norwegian photographer Eivind Hansen is known for his striking lighting techniques and minimalist, clear compositions. By playing with elliptical reflectors and banks of studio lights, he creates dynamic color gradients that appear to flow from the subjects themselves.

Explore all of the possibilities for projecting colored light, create dramatic shiny objects in a white studio, use a single light to create backlighting and silhouettes, shine a light on the background to separate your subject from the rest of the scene, and surround your model with soft light.

Lifestyle and Travel Photography

In this course, you’ll learn how to capture beautiful and engaging imagery of spaces while traveling. You’ll discover how to show the people who inhabit these spaces in a way that is simple and authentic. Your instructor will review how to edit your images using Adobe Lightroom and bring them together into a cohesive visual story you can use as inspiration for your own creative projects.

You’ll also learn how to take your photography business out into the world by finding clients, creating an online portfolio, and using social media.

Hopefully at least one of these photography classes has captured your interest. Now you will have the ability to learn everything you want to know and more by completing these online photography classes. So head over to one of them today.

Capture Love: A Beginner’s Guide To Wedding Photography

Capture Love is a wedding photography class for beginning photographers. Learn everything you need to know about shooting weddings with your own camera, from organizing your time and equipment to creating gorgeous, professional-quality images.

Capture Love is a course designed to help learn wedding photography tips like learning how to get great shots from inside the church and other methods to improve your wedding photojournalism skills. Also takes you through the ins and outs of creative editing, using flash effectively, and advanced Photoshop techniques like blending multiple images together.

Purrfect Pet Portraits: Composing, Lighting & Capturing Moving Subjects

Have you always dreamed of taking better pet photos? I have the answer for you! In this class, you’ll learn everything you need to know and what to pay attention to when photographing your dog, cat, or other furry pet. Best of all, this class will explain how you can shoot your pet sessions from beginning to end. By the time you’re done with the class, you’ll be a pro at knowing where to get great resources, setting up the perfect backdrop, and styling your pets in ways that showcase their personalities.

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