Best online courses, classes, and certification training for Product Management

Over the last 10 years, there has been an explosion of product management duties, jobs, and training because of the evolution of newer products into the market each day. Defining the role of product manager is really complex. In the medium to large organizations, a large part of the product management role is navigating the organizational landscape to get an outcome.

One of the activities that PM has to do everyday is balancing the needs of User Experience, making sure that the company builds something that is feasible and at same time building a business need.

Most companies recruit Product Managers with at least a couple of years of experience. Product being at the center of value creation, teams prefer to integrate trained Product Managers.

Since most universities don’t offer courses in product management and companies are lacking time and money to train newcomers, online learning/training programs is a win-win situation for both the employees and employers. Besides giving video or live training the programs mentioned below, are designed to provide hands on experience, defining the role of PM position in different types of companies and startups.

Moreover, a gain of experience in freelancing, attending live webinars or workshops, listening to podcasts, and joining boot camps might change the game for newbies. Additionally, learning product management online is time-saving, easy, and sometimes cheap in comparison to traditional on-campus study. The below-mentioned programs are for people with all backgrounds to be in business, design, or engineering and also helpful for juniors by giving the exact training that they want.

Summary of best online courses, classes, certification training for Product Management

Course ProviderCourse nameBest ForDurationEnrollmentLearn More
Become a Product Manager- Nanodegree ProgramCareer starter4 monthsPaidLearn More
The Product Management for AI & Data Science Course AI and data specialist5 hours video contentPaidLearn More
Digital Product Management: Modern FundamentalsEmerging managers/leadersApprox. 11 hoursFree to auditLearn More
Product Management Certification Program by Duke CEAll round training, 1:1 Mentorship6 MonthsUSD 2499Learn More
Product Management with Lean, Agile and System Design ThinkingStartups/Entrepreneurs6 WeeksFree to auditLearn More
Stanford Online Product Management CoursesEarning
academic credit
VariablePaidLearn More
Certified Product Manager
Online Course and Exam
AIPMM Certification
Variable(Self-paced)PaidLearn More

Udacity: Product Manager Nanodegree

Udacity Nanodegrees is the definitive source of information. You may find smaller courses here and there, but if you want to start from the basics and work your way towards advanced concepts, a Nanodegree in product management is totally worth pursuing. It’s a very structured approach to learning new concepts.

It’ll be rewarding to learn about how companies like Uber & Google build, launch, test & refine their products. It’s also really refreshing to see real-world examples and seeing different organizational structures solve some of the challenges. In this nanodegree program, you have to undertake four different projects.

The four projects included in this program are:

Pitch a Product Vision

In this project, you have to do following tasks:

  • Act as a product manager for one of four top technology companies and develop a compelling pitch for the development of a new product.
  • Based on the provided business scenario of the company you choose, perform primary and secondary market research to identify target users and size the market opportunity for a new product.
  • Compile your analysis into a pitch deck, and present the vision of your product to business stakeholders.

Run a Design Sprint

In this project, you have to design the product which included creating PRD, identify user journey, build story maps, build and validate prototype, and research and interview stakeholders.

Manage the Product Development Process

In the product development project, you have to:

  • Compile a sprint backlog with a clearly defined sprint goal that reflects the prioritized user stories and detailed acceptance criteria
  • Refine the solution by leveraging API documentation.
  • Then, create a coordination activities map and handle competing priorities ranging from reported production issues and resource constraints, to stakeholder feedback and requests that come up during product development.

Deliver a Product to Market

This project was mainly about launching a product and maintaining proper documentation related to the process. Under these documents such as PRD, Marketing and Training Guides, User Guides, and Launch email with stats were written

These four projects are very detailed and covered all the tasks which a PM might need to perform in an organization. From designing a Product Strategy to developing a Product Design, planning and coordinating the Product Development in Agile, and launching the product into the market, and much more. These projects helps you to connect at a deeper level to the role of a PM and understand what it takes to convert a product vision into a successful product.

It’s been quite the journey learning a whole new set of skills in a completely new field of study, but I’m very excited to take these new found skills and propel my career in design products of the future!Phillip Gallo, Account Manager at The Music Shop, New York City Metropolitan Area

Udemy- The Product Management for AI & Data Science Course 2020

With more and more customers wanting AI and Machine Learning based solutions this is the right time to know how to create AI and ML-based products. Being an AI Product Manager definitely brings about different challenges than being a normal Product Manager.

This is a great course on orienting oneself in being an AI Product Manager.
After taking this course you’ll be confident enough in structured ways to deal with the product management lifecycle.

This is a highly informative course for anyone exploring Product Management in AI and Data Science. It covers the fundamentals of AI and Product management in detail. AI concepts are very well explained simplistically so that people from different backgrounds can understand clearly.

Danielle, the course instructor is a Senior Product Manager for Machine Learning with a Master’s in Science of Management and had years of experience as a Product Manager, and Product Marketing Manager in the tech industry for companies like Google and Deloitte Digital. She is a joy to learn from.

Danielle’s course is both thorough and accessible, and perfect if you are looking to expand your product management knowledge.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be a successful Product Manager in AI/Machine Learning/Data Science area. All concepts are well explained and easy to understand. A big thank to Danielle Thé and Udemy.Jongmin Oh, Sr. Product Manager Dell, Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Coursera- Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals by University of Virginia

This course will help you understand about the foundations and practices applicable to product development and how techniques like prototyping, design thinking, and data science can be instrumental in creating a successful product around user habits.

You’ll also learn about the relationship between the product manager and the different teams involved in building a product to successful completion.

Besides this, the understanding of Agile, Hook Framework, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and all the other key methods for building good products has definitely positioned you as a great PM!

The best part about the course is the amazing line up of guest speakers who talk about their real-life experience and allow the audience to understand and experience the nature of the work they do!

The course not only covers fundamental concepts of product management but also modern practices that are being followed in the top product-led companies and startups.

This is definitely the course if you want to learn more about the trifecta of desirability, feasibility, and viability to discover product-market fit and the sweet spot for innovation.

Key takeaways:

  • A very detailed description of what it’s like to be in Product, with a ton of amazing things to learn, and taught by a great instructor.
  • The course is so well structured and all topics are covered in a systematic and structured way.
  • The quizzes are on point and help you understand the concepts in a much better way.
  • The content is pretty dense, covers all aspects on a high level, and also provides useful tools you can put to good use right away
  • Recommend for everyone working in tech to at least audit it if they want to get a good understanding of the business context of tech companies.

I was playing product management role quite some time but there were adequate learning in this course.Shalindra Singh, Director at OpsVeda, Inc, San Francisco Bay Area

Upgrad- Product Management Certification Program by Duke University

Upgrad certification program on product management prepares you for the exciting role of a product manager. The content and pedagogy have been carefully designed to keep the learning experience highly engaging.

They’ve got an impressive lineup of industry leaders from the world of product management. Apart from the video modules, their pool of industry leaders will also conduct live lectures, a platform for you to clarify your doubts and get expert advice. The presence of a guiding force is essential to help you navigate the conflicts and multifaceted role of a product manager and hence they ensure that you’re assigned a leading product professional as a mentor through your course journey. The mentor will provide you the necessary guidance and help you structure your learning. This will ensure you grow into an effective PM with ease.

Product managers are built by their exposure to real product problems they’ve worked with leading companies to devise a set of engaging problems that will enable you to apply your learning during the course and showcase your abilities for a product management role to potential recruiters.

Every student on the platform has a visible public profile to get networked and share ideas with like-minded individuals through the discussion forums, group projects, and also offline meetups.

Career guidance and other assistance:

Upgrad’s career guidance at every step will help you become an interview ready for PM roles through resume reviews and mock interviews. you’ll also get a chance to connect to their industry partners for career opportunities.

Upgrad supports you in each step of your learning experience hence, right at the start of the program you would be assigned a student success manager or a buddy. You can get in touch with your manager for any program related query or feedback. Their team of teaching assistants would always be there to ensure that every concept is crystal clear to you and all your doubts are timely resolved.

Here’s what you can expect in the program:

  • Learn from best-in-class product professionals
  • Get personalized 1-1 mentoring and coaching by industry experts.
  • Work on building a robust product portfolio
  • Get a chance to apply for opportunities at Upgrad’s partner companies.

Sounds amazing! well, why don’t you experience it yourself.

edX- Product Management with Lean, Agile and System Design Thinking

If you’re into managing digital products such as software, web, gaming, music, or anything related to tech, then this course is a must for you. You’ll understand how product management evolves in a data-rich user environment and why software modularity matters now more than ever.

The course teaches techniques required in managing digital products such as integrating diverse skills in analytics, business modeling, coordination, and design thinking which is popularly known as Digital Product Management Thinking, or DPMT.

Another reason why you should enroll in this course because they teach product management not just as a job description, but as a way of thinking that is applicable beyond the individual product manager.

This course will provide you with a systematic, interactive, and practice-based overview of product management while keeping your career aspirations in mind.

Key learnings:

  • Product life cycle decisions
  • Agile and waterfall development methodologies
  • Project Management Thinking skills
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Performance Management

The curriculum is with a practical approach focusing on analytics, design thinking, business modeling in product management lifecycle and GTM activities. Valuable course content and also inspiring exchange with fellow learners around the world.Frantz Ekue Tomety, Senior Manager, Concardis, Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany

Stanford Online Product Management Courses

With 90+ business courses, 100% online, you can find something that fits your interest and your schedule. From product management to Python and startups to subscription businesses, Stanford University offers a variety of coursework to explore a new field or better understand the world. Check out

There are two great Product Management courses offered by Stanford Online, one is Product Management: Transforming Opportunities into Great Products and another Product Management Fundamentals for the Real Economy. You can also get 18 units of academic credit by completing this programs.

The Stanford Online Product Management Course is unique because they’ve had a combined 20 years of experience doing this in top Silicon Valley companies, and they’re not going to give you the theoretical frameworks, they’ll’ give you what reality actually looks like.

Hundreds of people apply each year, and they can only give 30 to 40 slots. And with this, they want all of you guys to be able to take it.

Certified Product Manager Online Course and Exam by 280 Group

The Training from 280 Group is exceptional for the Product Management certificate preparation and for real-life problems.

The 280 Group provides a very well-structured course detailing an Optimal Product Process and useful strategies through-out the entire lifecycle of a product. The course also clearly defines roles such as those of Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, Engineering, Sales team, Marketing team, etc. Clearly defining & understanding roles can go a long way. There are other course offerings as well within the PM world.

Though their website is filled with details, comparisons, and even free resources, you can give them a call if you have questions about which course best aligns with your current and long-term career goals. They are extremely helpful in figuring it out whenever you call. This can be a great opportunity to either enter product management, review your current methods, or transform your whole department.

Once you have completed the online course and exam preparation materials you will be ready to take the certified product manager exam administered by the association of international product marketing and management to earn this prestigious and highly respected credential

This training and certification will help you for the rest of your career not only will it help you define and deliver more successful products but it will also open professional doors and new opportunities.

Key takeaways:

  • A very comprehensive and well thought of material covering all the best practices and processes.
  • There are also handouts that provide more in-depth information on subjects that are more advanced.
  • Thoroughly prepared to pass AIPMM, the Certified Product Manager exam

It’s been a worthwhile evolving experience under many challenges, studying while on a bus ride to work, during lunch breaks, or during many business trips; With 12yr behind me working on some incredible Product Line & Delivering some of the most remarkable projects for iconic brands, globally; The resilience, this program took out of me has been fulfilling; personally & professionally.Mohan Ramola, MBA Candidate at The University of Hong Kong, 2020-21, Hong Kong SAR

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