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Cybersecurity is a field that continues to grow in demand and a fruitful career for all who enter. According to data collected by, the average salary for an entry-level cybersecurity analyst in the United States is $82,565, so there’s no wonder why there are over 500,000 cybersecurity job openings listed online.

Cybersecurity is one of the most important parts of a digital enterprise. As businesses, governments, financial institutions, and public sector organizations collect, store, and process vast amounts of sensitive and valuable data, those organizations become targets of groups seeking to wreak havoc on vulnerable systems, potentially disrupting everyday business functions. As a result, cyber risk management or cybersecurity has become an essential skill for business leaders, security and technology specialists, and also for legal counsels.

Take a look at the following cybersecurity online courses. These are free and paid and cover key areas of information security including operating systems, networking, and system management.

These courses come from the professional development curriculum offered by top educational institutes such as Harvard University, The University at Buffalo, and IBM Security Learning Services, a global leader in cybersecurity training and other IT Security training providers.

Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in The Information Age by Harvard University

The main focus of the course was on identifying cyber threats, understanding technology and identifying important systems and assets, the role of leadership in managing cyber risk, the legal and compliance framework of cybersecurity, the creation of incident response plans to prepare an organization in the event of a cyberattack, and the development of comprehensive risk mitigation strategies.

The course is designed by the Co-Director of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and Harvard Kennedy School, Eric Rosenbach. Supported by his Harvard team Gregory Falco, John Zuziak, and Dominique Brack, the course is fascinating with its great psychological insight and awareness, the logic and structure of the planning guide for the development of a risk mitigation strategy.

The team is a true example of exceptional clear communication. Valuable information is also provided by an impressive guest group of Cybersecurity professionals.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn key aspects of developing a holistic vision and strategic approach to how effective management practices and leadership can protect organizations from cyber risks.
  • Small group discussion forums which allow getting in touch with other students and are ideal to network. Make acquaintances from around the world and learn from their experience
  • Work with cybersecurity experts building comprehensive real-time projects on the go with world solutions in safeguarding information assets from cyber threats.
  • The manner of delivery enables you to grasp very technical topics in a really simple and easy way to follow.
  • Program is very organized and extremely relevant to current cyberthreats

This course is recommended to anyone interested in cybersecurity, digital, and online technologies as it created a critical awareness of cybersecurity and the importance of taking this seriously in a rapidly digitizing world.


Duration8 weeks
Key learningsIT, Cybersecurity, Leadership, Operations Management
Best forBusiness/Management student and professionals

I must say this is a great accomplishment for me from both a personal and professional standpoint! It is a great certification for professionals who are interested in learning about cybersecurity and how to effectively mitigate risks.Abayomi Salu, Enterprise Sales and Mobility Expert in IoT and 5G Solutions, Washington D.C. Metro Area

IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate (Coursera)

Offered by: IBM Security Learning Services

This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge in cybersecurity and also take a deeper dive into interesting areas like DevSecOps, incident response, and threat intelligence.

This certification allows you to develop and improve knowledge about data protection; Terminals SIEM; and the systems and fundamentals of the network; Compliance and threat intelligence knowledge develop skills for incident response and forensics.

Discussed through several case studies and virtual laboratories, the use of analyst and pentester tools such as WiresharkNmapJohn The RipperMetasploitIBM QRadarIBM MaaS360IBM GuardiumIBM Resilienti2 Insight Enterprise Analysis.

This professional certificate will give you a lot of confidence boost to carve out your journey in the amazing domain of information security and supplementing with the right knowledge & guidance.


DurationApprox. 8 months
LevelBeginner Level
Key learningsIncident responses, Threat Intelligence, SIEM approach
Best forCybersecurity Analyst role
EnrollmentUpon Subscription

It was an amazing journey which from scratch threw light on cybersecurity concepts in a detailed & a concise fashion which made learning amazing as well as efficient.Atharva Bet, Aspiring Information-Security Specialist

Cybersecurity Fundamentals by Rochester Institute of Technology (edX)

This course is a part of RIT’s MicroMasters program, this cybersecurity fundamentals course opens the door to the exciting and complex world of computing security. In this graduate-level introduction program, you will get an overview of how to analyze and monitor potential threats, protect the system and network infrastructures, and implement both small- and large-scale security solutions.

Understanding these key concepts is your first step in protecting the critical computer assets of individuals, companies, and governments. RIT is a leader in computing security education, assuring its graduates to earn lucrative salaries with the world’s greatest companies. This cybersecurity fundamentals course can be your gateway into one of today’s hottest and most in-demand careers.


Duration8 Weeks
Key learningsCryptography, Information assurance fundamentals
Best forIT and Network Security students and specialist
EnrollmentFree to audit

Everything in the course (video lectures, articles, activities, discussions) was truly amazing. I enjoyed it a lot. The support staff for this course exceeded my expectations. They beautifully answered each query with the shortest possible time.Gaurav Vyas, Mathematics student, Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, India

The Complete Nmap Ethical Hacking Course: Network Security (Udemy)

Very interesting in-depth course by Nathan. Nathan House, CEO, and founder of StationX develops such an extensive library, and at such an affordable price for anyone who wishes to acquire a solid base of knowledge in the field of cybersecurity.

Interesting to talk about the C&C hacking infrastructure. Learn about NSE scripts on Nmap, Nmap target specification, scan techniques, version and OS detection, firewall evasion and IDS evasion, some bash scripting, and loads more. Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about Nmap.


Duration4.5 hours of video content
Key learningsEthical Hacking, Nmap, Zenmap,
Best forEthical Hackers, Penetration Testers, and System Administrators

Excellent course in terms of explanation and concept.[…] It has a theoretical-practical step-by-step guide and everything is well detailed …Denis Wilmer Cedano Castillo

Introduction to Cybersecurity- Udacity Nanodegree program

This program is offered in collaboration with SecurityScorecard, an IT security company, and is a great start for anyone interested in this critical field. This Intro to Cybersecurity Nanodegree program is a digestible, yet super impactful program taught by four stellar instructors. If you are looking for a good credential to have as you build your cybersecurity career, this is it. Whether you’re transitioning into cyber from another career path, or a newbie looking to get started in this high demand industry.

Why you should enroll in this nanodegree program?

  • World-class content from world-class instructors.
  • You are assigned a personal Mentor, who tracks your progress. Mentors clear your doubts and keep you motivated even if you are feeling overwhelmed. You can schedule a video call with your Mentor.
  • You can ask any question in the Knowledge section and it will be answered in an hour.
  • You are only going to get your nanodegree by passing all your projects. Note: Projects are no piece of cake, you may have to submit multiple times as they are fabricated for industry level.
  • You can share them with recruiters by uploading them to your Github account.


Duration4 months
PrerequisiteBasic knowledge of network connectivity and OS fundamentals
Key learningsSecurity Fundamentals, Cybersecurity Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), Incident Response
Best forStarting a Career in the field of Cybersecurity or improving cybersecurity skills
EnrollmentUpon Subscription

It took me less than 2 months for a program that was designed for 4 months. It was a lot of work but it was definitely worth it!Alina I., Frontend developer, Cybersecurity Student,

INE’s Cyber Security Pass

Elearnsecurity, which specializes in information security courses, launched a new platform called INE ( on which all special courses on Networking, Cloud, Cyber Security and Data Science are published. With the track, you get access to all slides, videos, and unlimited lab time

This platform is really a big thing among security professionals, those who want to sharpen their hands-on skills will enjoy the platform- The new industry standard for turning aspiring InfoSec professionals into cybersecurity experts.

Indeed, the annual subscription to the new platform is not cheap, it is $1999 per year, but through this, you can enter all the courses that existed and are available on elearnsecurity (this subscription does not include the price of the exam per course which is 400 USD).

Benefits of this Pass:

  • INE’s instructors are industry veterans who have created in-depth hands-on courses and learning paths covering modern best practices and cybersecurity.
  • You have unlimited access to INE’s catalog of red, blue and purple team tactics that allow you to study what you want and when you want.
  • INE constantly adds new materials to make sure you’re up to date with the current landscape.
  • Also included in the cybersecurity pass are INE’s development and IT essential passes which comes up with 100+ additional courses such as Wireshark, Python, and Linux Fundamentals for Network Engineers
  • INE has helped thousands of professionals across the IT industry prepare for certifications and give the hands-on training required to build a better career in their field. Join today for industry’s best cyber security training

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