7 Spiritual Healing Courses to live in the Moment!

Do you want to overcome your fears, improve your relationships, and heal your body?

Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, or chronic pain, these online courses can help you start your own healing journey.

I understand how hard it can be to heal yourself.

In fact, these courses are used by healthcare professionals, spiritual teachers, and energy healers all over the world.

Whether you’re looking for healing or guidance, These courses got you covered. Check out this course library to see what’s right for you: By enrolling in the course you can:

  • Learn from a gifted spiritual healer and clairvoyant medium.
  • Learn the core teachings of the spiritual energy healing systems of Reiki, Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, and more.
  • Learn to heal yourself and others at comfort of your home.

Professional Accredited Angelic Healing Practitioner Course

Learn how to perform Angel Healing Therapy!

Angelic Healing Therapy combines the power of Reiki, auras, crystals, and angels to heal a wide range of ailments. This course is a step-by-step guide to performing Angelic Healing Therapy and will teach you all the techniques to attune yourself to the Angels, and then connect to clients to heal ailments.

  • This course gives you the knowledge and skills to practice as an Angelic Healing Practitioner.
  • This course is ideal for people who would like to complete a healing course.
  • Moreover, this Professional Accredited Angelic Healing Practitioner Course gives you the tools you need to set up a successful business with Angelic Healing Therapy!

Certified Your Magical Spiritual Witchcraft Masterclass

Become a master of witchcraft with this Certified Your Magical Spiritual Witchcraft Masterclass!

This Certified Your Magical Spiritual Witchcraft Masterclass is the perfect way to discover a rich path to your own divinity. This online course is full of magical meditations and practices to help you create your own magical practices, altars, spells, and sacred circles. 

This is a certified, comprehensive, and practical guide to magical witchcraft healing rituals, ceremony and spells for the spiritual solitary witch dedicated to self-healing and self-empowerment for personal happiness.

  • You’ll even learn how to make your own fairy light candles, and how to use them in your everyday life.
  • Learn how to practice witchcraft with the intention of self-improvement to improve your confidence and sense of mastery.
  • The course also helps you bringing a healthier and more fulfilling life that includes more of what makes you happy.

Activate Faery Shamanism Bringing Transformational Abundance

Shamanism is a long tradition of using altered states of consciousness to access information, gain knowledge of the true nature of the self and the universe, and act to heal what is out of balance in the world.

With the help of the faery shaman realms, you can begin to heal on a spiritual level. You can then bring in new ideas and opportunities, and transform in a way that is positive and beneficial for your lives.

The shamanic path is one of great personal power and responsibility. The shamanic practitioner learns to master their own abilities and to use them wisely.

This course will introduce you to shamanic practices that will transform your life!

  • This course will help you to activate the shamanic power in you.
  • This course will help you to connect with the shamanic realms and bring shamanic practices into your life.
  • You will be able to access the power of the faeries and work with them to manifest.

Trance Healing

Have you ever wanted to learn how to connect to your Spirit Guides?

This course is designed to teach you how to connect to your Spirit Guides, and how to be a Medium for Healing Energy from the Spirit World.

If you are looking to learn to work with your spirit guides and connect to the spirit world, or you are just curious about mediumship and energy healing, then this is the right course for you.

  • This is a powerful trance healing course that will teach you how to connect to your spirit guides, how to work with them, and how to be a medium for healing energy.
  • This course combines spiritual healing with Trance Healing and helps you to learn how to connect to your Spirit Guides
  • This course is designed to help you during the process of learning and applying the techniques that will allow you to be a Medium for Healing Energy from the Spirit World.

Signs, Wonders & Miracles – Healing and Deliverance Ministry

The Signs, Wonders & Miracles – Healing and Deliverance Ministry Training is a one-week (total 8 hours video content) intensive of powerful prayer and impartation. Students will learn how to minister with the Holy Spirit and allow their power to flow through them to the sick and hurting. Miracles were normal to Jesus as they should be to every believer.

You will learn how to pray for healing and deliverance, as well as how to minister healing and deliverance to others.

You will learn that healing and deliverance is a ministry that can be passed down through generations and is available to everyone.

You will also learn about the various demonic spirits that are active in the world today and how to identify them and minister deliverance.

Activate Your Palm Chakras For Peace & Spiritual Health

Do you feel anxious and under pressure from modern life? Are you struggling to find inner harmony and are you sick of using the same old methods to relax?

There is a natural way to help your body and mind find peace and harmony.

This course explains how to use the prayer position to activate your palm chakras and bring your body into a state of peace and spiritual health.

Prayer position is a spiritual practice that activates the palm chakras and opens you up to the divine energies of the universe.

It is a very simple and easy-to-learn technique that opens you up to the powers of the universe.

The palm chakras are your connection to the spiritual realm, opening them is an important part of a spiritual practice.

Spiritual Protection & Energy Cleansing Rituals

Raise your vibration and create Spiritual protection & empowerment in your life.

Due to the nature of this process, it is best to do this ritual in a place where you feel comfortable.

This ritual is made up of eight different components which are designed to work together to cleanse and empower you.

Whilst this ritual is a powerful process, it is not designed to be used in place of any medication or treatment that you may already be undergoing. If you are currently undergoing any form of medical treatment.

In this course, you will learn how to use Aromatherapy and Crystals for Spiritual Protection and Energy Revitalisation.

Spiritual Protection and Energy Cleansing Rituals” contains detailed instructions and explanations on how to work with Aromatherapy and Crystals for Spiritual Protection and Energy Revitalisation.

“Spiritual Protection and Energy Cleansing Rituals” is a powerful tool that will help you in your spiritual development and will support you in overcoming all kinds of problems.

You don’t need to be a practicing witch to experience the power of the Moon.

You can harness the energy of the Moon and use it to cleanse, clear, and release negative energy.

These simple but powerful moon rituals will help to realign your energy with the universe and bring positive energy into your life.

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