6 Best Free and Paid Online courses/classes/diplomas for Jewelry Designing

From classical times, jewelry has been a part of every civilization attracting men and women to its different forms and is adorned on different parts of our body. Jewelry designing is all about designing different types of jewels and ornaments with the help of various stones, gems, and other precious metals such as gold, silver, diamond, and platinum.

With changing times, Jewels have transformed both culturally and traditionally but they remain in huge demand and today jewelry designing is a field where a lot of people look into it. The industry has generated significant employment opportunities. It has captured a lot of creative minds and calls for continuous innovation with every design.

If you’re looking to take steps in this lucrative and creative field then check out the following courses listed below. You’ll get a sense of jewelry design and if you’re already familiar with it then these courses will be added benefit for you.

Summary of best online courses/classes/diplomas for Jewelry Designing

Course ProviderCourse nameBest ForDurationEnrollmentLearn More
Jewelry Making For Beginners: Alcohol Ink Pendant NecklaceAlcohol ink resin jewelry1.5 hoursPaidLearn More
Introduction to Jewelry Making: From Amateur to ArtistNecklace making/ Beginners53 min Upon subscriptionLearn More
Jewellery Design in RhinoCAD jewellery design5 hours PaidLearn More
Foundations in Metalsmithing: Statement EarringsMetalsmithing4h 15mPaidLearn More
All kinds of jewelery making/businessBootcamps/DiplomaVariablePaid/FreeLearn More
Make Your Own Jewelry: How To Bead A NecklaceBeading9 Lessons (20m)Upon subscriptionLearn More

Udemy- Jewelry Making For Beginners: Alcohol Ink Pendant Necklace

Enroll in this course to learn how to create beautiful wearable jewelry using Alcohol Ink. You’ll get introduced to Alcohol Inks and learn how they are used to create dazzling designs. This course is perfect for beginners who have taking started taking interest in jewelry designing. The course instructor is Kellie Chasse who is a professional artist and has been teaching since 2007 in the creative space. She has also a proven successful track record with her PartyPainter and eBay business and after completing this course, you can also run your own business and can sell your creation.

Key learnings:

  • Working on Yupo paper to create beautiful color combinations using Alcohol Ink
  • create easy and perfect punch outs for you pendants using a simple tool
  • Using Gel pens for fun and in an artistic way.
  • Creative ideas with Mineral paper
  • Creating a beautiful reflective pendant with a kitchen item
  • Using scrap designs and UV resin


  • Easy to follow class and course instructions
  • Creative and informative course
  • Easy to understand and watch
  • A clear demonstration of the work of art


  • The products listed in the course for making projects may be little bit expensive in some countries.

Skillshare- Introduction to Jewelry Making: From Amateur to Artist

This is a great intro beginner class for anyone looking to learn jewelry making. This DIY course will teach you how to make handmade jewelry (Necklace) and also techniques to repair it. You’ll get an overview of all the basic jewelry components like beads, chains, crystals, leather, rhinestones, and others. Brit the course instructor will help you master critical jewelry-making skills through interactive lessons, demonstrations, and hands-on projects. You’ll be ready to take on any creative projects and designs on your own kicking off with an exquisite statement necklace.

Key learnings:

  • Jewelry making- Necklace
  • The basics of fundamental tools used in jewelry making, and selection of essential jewelry making supplies.
  • A brief introduction to basic jewelry components.
  • Common jewelry repairing


  • Nice instruction and demos.
  • Short and to the point.
  • Best introductory course/tutorial/class on jewelry making.
  • Ideal for beginners.


  • This is a DIY class on jewelry making so you need to have all the necessary tools and components to get started.

Udemy- Jewellery Design in Rhino

In this course, you will learn jewelry designing using CAD software (Rhino 3D) from the basics. Rhino 3D is computer-aided design software used in many design specialties such as jewelry, furniture, footwear, and other architectural works. This course is for anyone who wants to learn jewelry designing by taking on CAD modeling techniques, junior and senior jewelers, 3D modelers, Artist, Product designers, and engineers. In order to take this course, you’ll need Rhino Version 5 software.

Key learnings:

  • Designing CAD models
  • Making a wedding ring or a band
  • Making a Snowflake Pendant
  • Making a flush setting ring
  • Making a rope wedding band
  • Making an eternity band


  • A good course to begin with Rhino 3D
  • The skills and training cover in this course are potential enough to influence your employers and clients.
  • You’ll be able to work as a Jewellery CAD designer or technician in major jewelry companies and can also work as a self-employed.


  • The instructor should fix some of the audio issues in the course

Creativelive- Foundations in Metalsmithing: Statement Earrings

Take this course and get started with metalsmithing using basic tools and create your own stunning statement earrings. You’ll learn design principles and skills to start making metal jewelry. The course guides you through all the handwork like sawing, piercing, filing, and soldering required for jewelry making from start to finish. You’ll learn with Megan Auman- a jewelry designer, metalsmith, educator, and successful entrepreneur whose creative stuffs is being sold across the United States and Online. By the end of this class, you’ll be ready to show off your own unique art- Stunning Statement Earrings!

Key learnings:

  • How to choose the right tools and materials for jewelry design
  • How to create different shapes by drilling and cutting
  • Sawing and Piercing: Basics
  • Filing and finishing metal pieces
  • Soldering onto your earrings


  • A great foundational course in Metalsmithing
  • The instructor takes you to her design studio and dives into the entire design process.
  • You’ll gain the necessary confidence to explore your creativity.
  • You’ll be able to produce the entire line of beautiful and sellable jewelry of your own


  • You have to get all the necessary materials or supplies to get started with this course.

Jewellers Academy- Courses/Bootcamps/Diplomas

Jewellers Academy an exclusive learning platform for professional Jewellery designing. You can learn diverse Jewellery designing skills such as polishing, finishing, stone setting, wax carving, wire jewelry, gemology, and so on according to your interest. Moreover, you can also learn to build your vision for your jewelry business. There are numerous courses available from beginners to advanced levels for jewelry designing as well as for Jewellery business and marketing.

Jessica Rose, the founder of Jewellers Academy and the award-winning London Jewellery School will be your course instructor. With the comprehensive course curriculum and rigorous training, you’ll be in better shape like never before. Some of the popular courses available to you are:

  1. How to Make Wedding Rings
  2. Make A Silver Trinket Box (Advanced Silver Course)
  3. 10 Days to Email Marketing Mastery
  4. Fancy Bezels, Prongs, and Bails in Metal Clay
  5. Gemstone and Wire Jewellery
  6. Creating an Irresistible Brand For Your Jewellery Business

There is also a diploma course available on Silver Jewellery designing certified by London Jewellery School – Diploma in Silver Jewellery

Skillshare: Make Your Own Jewelry: How To Bead A Necklace

This course is perfect to learn to bead and how to make beaded jewelry by following some basic steps. You’ll get to know what different types of beads and wires are required to get started. You’ll also learn the art of wire jewelry making by working on a design board. After completing this course, you can make all kinds of beautiful necklaces and bracelets.

Key learnings:

  • How to make a beaded necklace
  • Making wire jewelry
  • Selection of beads
  • Bead stringing


  • Best for beginners
  • Engaging teacher with coherent and organized instructions
  • Well explained with actionable steps


  • There aren’t any negative reviews about this course.

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