Whitehat Jr is one of the top coding learning platforms helping students exclusively between the age of 6 to 18 in building commercial-ready apps, games, and animations.


Vedantu helps equip learners between 6-12 years with coding skills. With exceptionally talented teachers trained from the top reputed institutions, the platform delivers customized live one-on-one teaching based on the student’s learning pace.

Based in Austin, Texas CodeWizardsHQ renders the most entertaining and productive online coding training for kids of age group 8-18 throughout their elementary, middle-term, and high school programs.

Codevidhya based in India enables kids of age between 6 to 16 to learn coding skills and help them survive in the algorithms economy. Their philosophy is simple, choose a course, learn online from live classes, and become a certified coder.

Toppr is popular amongst those who are preparing for exams such as JEE, NEET, CA Foundation, etc in India. The platform has separate classes for teaching coding also named- Toppr Codr. The classes are designed for kids age 6-18 into different formats from beginner to advanced.