Unacademy review: Can you crack it?

Unacademy helps in preparing for different competitive exams in India like UPSC CSE, SSC Exams, IIT JEE, NEET, and more.

Our take- 4.0

The bottom line: The platform is best for preparing for competitive exams, but it needs to focus more on qualifying good and experienced educators.

Pros and cons


  • Personal coaching: Get guidance from top experts in planning and preparation for effective examination strategies in line with your syllabus.
  • Flexible learning: You’re free to choose subjects or topics where you find yourself weak and need more preparation. Get access to live recorded courses anytime anywhere.
  • Free content: There are also free and quality courses available from more than 5000 educators.
  • Performance appraisal: Evaluate your progress by giving various mock tests and in-depth analysis of results.


  • App improvement: The app needs more improvement in load time and other bug fixes.
  • Language barrier: As more and more students joining from towns speaking local dialects such as Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi, they’re struggling a bit in watching videos.

Full review

To review Unacademy, we’ve collected several data points from enrolled students, by analyzing reviews from the app store, forum discussion, and by comparing it with other platforms like BYJU’S.

Unacademy is a platform with more than 30 million subscribers and over 18,000 educators helping students crack India’s competitive exams. The platform is popular amongst applicants for UPSC, JEE, NEET, and CAT. The platform provides interactive sessions and lectures in the form of live classes. One can go for free and paid subscriptions to access the content.

The platform is best to start up with your preparation at an early stage. Unlike other online learning platforms, Unacademy is the most preferred option for UPSC aspirants because they cater to a wide variety of video lectures, and also bring out comprehensive editorial analysis daily.

Educators: You’re free to learn from any educator whom you feel most comfortable with. Most of the educators on the platform are toppers in their respective fields. For instance, you can explore the world of geography from Sudarshan Gurjar- India’s top geography educator

Cost: Most of the benefits and premium features like special classes, tests, quizzes, live support, doubt clearing sessions, and extra learning resources come with a paid subscription. The courses under Unacademy plus have prices starting from 1,000 and going to 30,000.

Training offered:

  • UPSC
  • SSC and Bank Exams
  • Railway Exam
  • Defense Exams
  • JEE and NEET Preparation
  • State PSC
  • NET Exams
  • TET Exams
  • Management & Foreign Studies
  • CA & CS
  • State CET
  • CBSE
  • Personal and Skill Development
  • Chess
  • Competitive Programming

Types of Subscription:

Unacademy Plus Subscription: This is a personalized subscription plan that offers educational content by top instructors concerning the category being chosen. By subscribing to this plan, you’ll get access to:-

  1. Interactive live classes.
  2. Well-structured course content and other downloadable resources.
  3. Live mock tests and quizzes that help you track and evaluate your learning journey.
  4. Educator’s top courses of your specific goal.
  5. Regular doubt clearing sessions will ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of concepts.

Unacademy ICONIC Subscription:

This is a mentorship program where a personal coach will guide a learner with his/her UPSC CSE preparation. Through this program, a learner can discuss his/her study plan, strategy, and other challenges that they face during the preparation stage with the coach, who will provide them guidance and help monitor their progress.

A coach will steer their work and effort in the right direction so that they squeeze the maximum benefit out of their labor. Coaches are senior individuals who have expertise in UPSC preparation and have performed well in this exam.

Value Offerings:

  1. Personal Coach: In the one-on-one live sessions, the mentor will guide students in preparation strategy and choosing the right learning resources.
  2. Study trackers and daily reports: The coach will work with learners to proactively plan the studies and routinely ensure that the set goals are being achieved through daily performance reports and personalized feedback.
  3. Profile Review: The coach will provide constructive feedback based on the learner’s profile data like test scores, learning behavior, and level of engagement.

Additional Features:

  • Study Booster Sessions
  • Daily answer writing practice with evaluation
  • Targeted current affairs articles
  • Daily quizzes
  • High-intensity workshops

Compare to BYJU’S

Unacademy and BYJU’S both have their own USPs as well as some similarities. They both offer good quality content in their respective category. Unacademy covers many different exams, providing practice and strategies for various subjects and goals. Apart from this, the current affairs, daily editorial analysis, quizzes, and mock test make Unacademy stands out.

Affordability: Both platforms provide free and paid course content. Some aspirants feel the free content of Unacademy is better than BYJU’S and so is the cost of the subscription.

Doubt clearing: BYJU’s tops in this ranking, the mentors at BYJU’S are more dedicated toward solving any queries and doubts at any stage of preparation whereas on Unacademy students have their doubts resolved by comments and chat discussion.

Interactivity: BYJU’s online lessons are interesting, easy to understand, and far more engaging than Unacademy’s because of their core strength in conceptual clarity through visualization.

Verdict: If you’re focused more on preparing for competitive exams such as UPSC, IIT JEE/NEET, then go for Unacademy, they’ve proven track records. BYJU’S is best for acing board exams.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit to the number of courses you can enroll in? Not at all, with this subscription, you can enroll for as many courses as you want under a specific goal.

What about if you miss a live class? If you’re absent in a live class then recordings of all lessons will be available to you after every class. You can download it and watch it anytime, anywhere.

What happens when your subscription ends? When your subscription expires, you’ll no longer have access to your previously enrolled courses, recordings, and other study materials until and unless you renew it.