Sophie Howard Blue Sky Amazon Course Review

Blue Sky Amazon is a course by Sophie Howard. Maybe you’re wondering if this course is good for you or if it’s a legitimate or another scam product on the marketplace. 

In this post, I’ll cover what’s included inside of the course. I’m also going into the pros and the cons that you should consider before taking this course. And what are the alternatives in the marketplace that you should look into to build your business on Amazon?

About Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard is a course creator. She has a YouTube channel called “The Blue Sky Amazon Seller Academy”. She has also written a book called, ”Freedom Navigator” which teaches people how they can start their Amazon FBA business.

When it comes to Sophie Howard, she is a credible online marketer because if we look online, there are many fake gurus and scammers that you have to be aware of. She checks out as being one of the credible and trusted among her students.

What is Blue Sky Amazon Course?

The course includes 35 hours of in-depth training. But, it is divided into two parts. The first part is Product university which has six modules and the second part is Amazon Navigator with eight modules.


When it comes to the pricing, Blue Sky Amazon course is priced at $3495. This is going to depend on your geographical background where you’re coming from. If you’re from Australia, you’re going to pay much more than if you’re in the United Kingdom.

Same with the United States. It’s going to depend on where you are which will determine the amount of money you will pay for the course. It’s not the cheapest course in the marketplace, it is one of the most expensive ones.


Module 1: Foundation

This module includes the foundation which is basically an introduction to the course. Here, Sophie will tell you more about who she is or her background. Sophie is from New Zealand. She started 2014 selling on Amazon and she has earned a lot of money(millions of dollars on Amazon). She’s one of the more successful people when it comes to doing this business. She’ll go into herself and she’ll also tell you more about what the course will cover.

Module 2: Product Selection Strategies

Module 2 is about product selection strategies. Here, you’ll learn how to choose a product to sell on Amazon which is quite important. You want to make sure that you select products that are going to be selling all year round, not products that are seasonal. So, she’s going to show you how to choose those types of products. 

Module 3: Basics of Sales Funnel

Module 3 is about the basics of sales funnels. It is one of those tools that you use in your business such as ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a very popular sales funnel and Sophie uses this as well on her pages. She uses click funnels to build out her pages where she collects leads and then it translates into sales as well. So, she’ll actually introduce you to ClickFunnels which is quite good as well.

Module 4: Virtual Assistant

Module four is about Virtual Assistants and this has to do with you outsourcing people from the Philippines especially. So you’re going to learn how to hire those people, how to get the best deals, and the best people to help you run your business. 

Module 5: Behind the scenes – selling on Amazon

This module teaches you how you’re going to sell on Amazon. This basically covers the pros and cons of selling on Amazon which is quite important because this is not a business model for everyone.

There are a lot of pros and cons that you must know about when it comes to this business model. She also covers Amazon sellers’ accounts, how you set that up, and also how to get your important licenses so that you can get ready to sell your products on the platform. 

Module 6: Forgotten product sourcing places

Module 6 is about sourcing places. She’s going to show you eight different resources to use to find products that you can learn to sell on Amazon which is quite valuable.


Module 1: Introduction

In Module one, she goes into the introduction and what hurdles you’ll face when it comes to doing your Amazon FBA business. This is quite important because there are going to be some struggles before you reach profits in this business model.

A lot of people will not go through so she actually shows you what you should expect from the earls so that you overcome them. Basically, that’s what she’ll basically go through.

Module 2: Branding

Module two is about Branding and this is where she shows how to make more sales through the power of branding. When you create your brand it’s going to be more trusted. In this way, you can also make more sales.

Module 3: Finding products that sell for the long term

Module 3 is about finding products that sell for the long term and those are the products that are selling all year round. So, it’s not going to be products that are seasonal products. She also shows how to find suppliers in America, India, and Asia as well where you can get more people and more products.

Module 4: Are your listings pristine

Now she asks if your listings are actually pristine. This has to do with copywriting which is the skill of writing and writing sales copy. You’re going to learn how to write product descriptions on Amazon, how to do keyword research, how to write catchy titles so that people will most likely click on your product to purchase. She’s also going to show you how to write the summaries for your products on Amazon.

Module 5: Don’t get samples – order the entire shipment

It’s all about problems you’ll face when it comes to shipping. This is one of the most difficult parts of Amazon FBA. It is not easy so she actually shows you what you should look out for when it comes to shipping samples and the labeling as well.

Module 6: Promoting your product

Module 6 is about promoting your products. She shows you how to use coupons mostly to promote your products. This is very powerful because when it comes to promoting your products you want to get it out there so that people can purchase your products.

Module 7: Maintaining your account

In this module, she shows you how to understand the product margins. When it comes to Amazon FBA business you want to make sure that you are having a good profit margin so she shows you how to calculate that. She also shows you how to write and analyze business reports.

Module 8: Scaling beyond Amazon and hiring VA’s 

Module 8 goes into scaling beyond Amazon and working with VAs. This is another module talking about how to get people in the Philippines so that they can do those jobs for you.

So, that’s what it is basically from the two parts of the training she will cover.


Sophie Howard is legit

Sophie Howard is a legitimate person. This is a pro as a lot of scammers and gurus are inside of this business so you have to be careful.

Difficult business model

It’s a difficult business model when it comes to selling on Amazon and also the course is quite expensive as well. A lot of people don’t have that amount of money to get into Amazon FBA. You also have to take into consideration that you have to purchase products from China.

You’ll use websites such as Alibaba to purchase products for five thousand dollars up to ten thousand dollars. Usually, you’d have to pay that amount of money when it comes to getting your products over to the United States or in Australia, Canada, and the UK. 

So, it’s not the cheapest business model online. It’s also one of the most technical and difficult business models online that you should know about.

Is Blue Sky Amazon is a scam?

Confidently I can tell you that it’s a legitimate product. If you’re looking to start your Amazon business and you want to invest inside of this training you can definitely do that but just understand the pros and the cons that I spoke about as well. It’s not a scam. It’s a legitimate program and Sophie is a competent person as well.


When it comes to alternatives in the marketplace you want to also know that there are many different business models online. There are business models that you don’t have to touch any products which is a dropshipping business model. This is not the best business model when it comes to the best business model. Affiliate marketing is the top alternative.

This is when you actually promote something else and you earn a commission whenever time someone actually purchases. It’s the simplest business model. It doesn’t take a lot of technical knowledge. It doesn’t take a lot of capital as well and you can make some huge profits in this business model. 

Check out Beau’s FBA Training

You can look at it but basically what both teach is to sell products online. He actually started selling on amazon from a very young age and now he has created a lot of seven-figure businesses online himself. He’s doing quite well. A lot of people are seeking him out as well. So, if you are hell-bent on doing Amazon FBA take a look at that course as well.