Unleash your creativity with Skillshare online learning platform

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is a platform that allows professionals to submit video-focused classes onto the site. You can find tutors that range anywhere from famous YouTubers to professional photographers, designers, and artists and many more. All of them are very skillful and experienced in their respective profession.

Each class has an introduction video that describes in brief, what you will learn in the class. These intro videos are free to view for everyone but the rest of the course only available to premium subscribers.

How much Skillshare cost?

When you’re a new user, you receive a 7-day free trial. The yearly subscription of the classes on Skillshare is only $99. There are also free classes on Skillshare that you can do, but they are nowhere near the number of total premium subscription classes.

How are the classes designed

Each Skillshare class is split up into lessons, which is just basically taking the entire class length and splitting it up into bite-sized pieces for easy consumption. In this way, you don’t have to be there listening to three and a half hours of training. 

The lesson videos also allow you to make little notes that everyone viewing the video can see. It can help you to understand what other students were feeling when they reach that specific spot and you can use it to help others as well. But, it should be noted here that sometimes the notes are super useful and other times, they are useless information.  

Class Projects

Usually, throughout the classes, the instructor will create projects and they like you to participate in it. For example, in the interior design class, the instructor suggested students put together a bookshelf, using the information that they learned in the class. The class by Evan (PolyMatter) about creating beautiful thumbnails for YouTube videos, encourages you to create one at the end of the class. In each of these projects, you can even respond and communicate with other students by sharing ideas and inspire.

Quality of the course

The Content produced on the platform(Skillshare) by course creators is certainly of high quality and it doesn’t rival basically anything else that is online. Skillshare and Skillshare’s creators put a ton of effort into making sure the courses are both informative but also look really professional and are produced well.

You’re not going to find that same type of quality level as well as one-on-one direct communication with the course instructor as you would on other learning platforms or other video platforms online.

Classes designed for Real Life

If you put it into practical terms of what you learned a skill or two from Skillshare creators, the chances of you making that money back are exponentially high. It is especially because the skills that you’re learning on Skillshare is directly transcribed into real workforce training. You perhaps can also be starting your own business with those skill sets.


  • Regardless of whether you are a beginner to a topic or you’re more advanced, there’s always going to be something that you can learn from Skillshare.
  • The classes are designed short, interactive which go into in-depth details on specific skills you want to learn.
  • You have a one-on-one personal connection with the course creator.
  • The price for what you’re getting in terms of raw value i.e ten bucks a month is actually pretty dang good.


  • Some of the classes on Skillshare can be found at other places like on YouTube where you can learn for free. The classes are photography, creative writing, video editing, graphic design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, drawing, etc.
  • Skillshare doesn’t provide any certificate for course completion hence, you can’t prove your mastery over LinkedIn and other sites.
  • You cannot purchase individual classes you like, you have to join a monthly or annual membership plan to get access to the course you want.
  • You have to complete your special class project to finish the class or mark it as complete.

Alternatives to Skillshare

  1. Skillshare vs Udemy
  2. Skillshare vs Coursera
  3. Skillshare vs YouTube

Skillshare vs Udemy

Udemy has a different model than Skillshare. Each course you want to try on Udemy costs money. Udemy reports some ridiculous prices but every time you visit their site, it’s always on sale and there are a bunch of coupons to get the price even low. Once you buy the course, you get lifetime access to it and when you complete a class, you can earn a certificate to showcase your mastery.

Skillshare doesn’t provide any kind of certification for the classes that you’ve finished. So, you can’t put it on LinkedIn or any networking site. There also seems to be more content per course on Udemy compared to Skillshare.

In a nutshell, Udemy is only a better option if you want a specific type of course that you really want to learn more about and plan a career on since you have lifetime access to it.

Skillshare vs Coursera

Coursera is rather a mixture of Skillshare and Udemy. It primarily contains traditional college type of courses from which you can earn degrees and certificates. The courses on Coursera are focused more on a particular skill and interests that you already have, and you want to learn more about it.

The pricing on Coursera depends upon content. There are free courses, paid courses that you can audit for free, and specialized courses that you’ve to pay monthly for. There is also a subscription plan called “Coursera Plus” which gives you access to over 90% of their courses, specialization programs, professional certificate programs, and Coursera Guided Projects.

In a nutshell, compared to Skillshare, Coursera might be a better option for you, if you’re more career-focused and wants to level up your skillset over a particular subject by gaining hands-on experience.

Skillshare vs YouTube

Whatever you want to learn on Skillshare ultimately can be learned basically anywhere else online for free like on YouTube. But, it comes with a couple of caveats. One is, finding information on YouTube is going to be very hard. The other thing is that the videos you see on YouTube are not very well produced in terms of quality and interaction for questions about the content, as compared to Skillshare.

Just think about it, how many times have you gone on to a YouTube video and left a comment because you are confused about something inside of the video, in hopes that either the creator of the video or someone else lurking in the comment section will go ahead and decides to take time out of their day to respond. But the truth is, It doesn’t happen all the time. Eventually, you will be stuck and you can’t find anything else.

Overall, if you are a visual learner who doesn’t like learning through reading textbooks or reading online forums, Skillshare is going to provide that quality of life to whatever you’re trying to learn. You’re going to be able to ask questions to the course creator, leave reviews and read other people’s reviews of the information inside the course in a more thorough and digestible format. You will get a packaged deal for a specific subject.

Teaching on Skillshare

Anyone can start creating classes on Skillshare, but the requirements to publish content on Skillshare as a teacher is way more strict than what can be put on Youtube as well as on Udemy. You can check here about the level of quality that Skillshare requires of their instructors. As a teacher on Skillshare, each person you refer to the platform nets the teacher $10. From there, based on what stated on their site, 30% of the site’s total Skillshare premium subscription is split up across the entire platform to all the teachers based on total watched minutes of their content.

Final Words: Author’s Note

After spending time with Skillshare, I genuinely like Skillshare. But, I don’t know if it is worth paying the price for every class. I suggest you, first take a look at all the content that Skillshare offers, watch some of those free introduction to the course videos, and see if you enjoy the teacher and the content. Check, whether there is enough content on the platform for you before you sign up. Honestly, while the content on the platform is very good, a one-year subscription is only $99. It varies if everyone could find enough educational content on the platform that they are interested in for an entire year.

TIP: Look on YouTube for the content you’re interested in and see if it fulfills your need first. Try out the free trial on Skillshare and see if it does a better job. Then, make sure there is enough content on it to justify potentially subscribing to it.