Reviewing IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Coursera

To anyone who finds life hard in 2020, who receives all the rejection letters from the jobs being applied for, and to anyone who faces a mid-career crisis.

Here is the opportunity to up-skill at IBM and be a part of the skilled workforce of the 21st century. 

This can help you to broaden your skillset and move more towards the concept of the T-shaped person. What about the field of data science? Already back in 2012, the HBR called the data scientist the sexiest job of the 21st century.

Data science is one of the trendiest professions of the decade, and the demand for data scientists who can analyze data and communicate results to inform data-driven decisions has never been greater.

The world is digital and companies are adapting the utilization of data in making data-driven insights. In the words of Alvin Toffler, he said “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”. Data science skills are currently the most sort after skills across various industries and its demand would only increase over the next decade. 

Obtaining the IBM professional Data Science certificate on Coursera is one of the first steps for most people in utilizing the power of data and acquiring new skills. The IBM team has done a marvelous job by providing an amazing opportunity to data science enthusiasts and so to the world of data science.

The course content is created to be understood by aspirants from different domains. It flows through the very basics of programming and Data Science theory to advanced Machine Learning algorithms and concepts.

The certification consists of 9 courses that encapsulate every aspect that is necessary in order to dive into the world of Data Science and develop expertise in it.

  1. What is Data Science?
  2. Tools for Data Science
  3. Data Science Methodology
  4. Python for Data Science and AI
  5. Databases and SQL for Data Science
  6. Data Analysis with Python
  7. Data Visualization with Python
  8. Machine Learning with Python
  9. Applied Data Science Capstone

All courses are designed in a very neat manner, with relevant videos and reading material, along with quizzes, peer-reviewed assignments, and Capstone projects.

The key learning points from this certification are:

  • Basics of Data Science and the role of a Data Scientist.
  • Tools required for Data Science like Jupyter notebook, IBM Watson Studio, RStudio IDE.
  • Database management system, basics of Python programming, and Data Science specific Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas.
  • Data Analysis with Python – Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Wrangling
  • Data Visualization with Python- Scatter-plots, Box-plots, Bubble-plots, Area-plots, and Matplotlib & its layers, Seaborn, Folium
  • Machine Learning algorithms like Regression, Classification, Clustering.

Key takeaways from this certification:

  • Go through the whole process of data science from the methodology, tools, databases, data analytics, data visualization, and machine learning in order to learn more about data-driven decision making.
  • Right from importing and cleaning datasets to building and evaluating machine learning models and pipelines, this certification offers a very practical approach with a good mix of lectures and projects.
  • Learn valuable new concepts on how to apply a structured approach to challenges from the industry, and develop new solutions based on data science applications.
  • Opportunity to gain hands-on experience on the most popular Machine Learning Libraries in Python and learned how to approach real-life scenarios.
  • The specialization is a great blend of theory and applications, with lots of hands-on projects. While it will be challenging, but at the same time also enjoyable and rewarding.
  • An excellent series that teaches not only the fundamentals of Data Science from start to end but also goes in-depth into the hands-on experience of using multiple Machine Learning models.
  • Particularly the way Coursera designed the format of the curriculum is brilliant.
  • Well-structured, thorough, and affordable certification.

Capstone Project

It takes approximately 2 weeks to complete the capstone project course. The Applied data science Capstone on Coursera by IBM allows you to utilize all the knowledge and skills you have gained over the period in learning what Data Science is all about. 

The Capstone Project will be on real-life data science problems. A glimpse of what you’ll do in the Capstone project:

For instance, simulate the case of being hired as a Data Scientist by one real-estate agency in town, with the mission to help families in exploring better facilities around their neighborhood. Able to suggest a neighborhood (among neighborhoods in other cities) with the lowest house prices while being close to bus stands, city center, markets, school, and other daily needs.

Who is this Certification for? 

  • For every Data Science enthusiast as this will provide the confidence to plunge into an exciting profession. 
  • If you’re looking for a broad overview of the current data science stack and project approach.
  • Anyone wanting to get a head start on the world of Data Science.
  • Anyone who wants a fundamental set of knowledge to venture into professional data sciences and analytics in the near future.
  • If you are interested in enhancing your skills working with data, want to improve your abilities through hands-on job projects, or want to build machine learning models; You’re’ Welcome!

Is it hard?

Review from an engineering student. What he says.

“Coming from a mechanical background, with no programming knowledge, it was hard to grasps things initially. But thanks to the labs which are incorporated in the courses where you can actually implement the lessons learned and experience the environment.”

Data science is one of the leading disciplines in technological environments and its progressive introduction into different engineering fields makes it a crucial subject to learn about for any professional who wants to be ready for the future challenges of the industry.

Reviews from learners

It took a lot of time and hard work, but I truly do love learning new things. It has been amazing to see how powerful these tools are and how effective they can be at solving problems in such a wide variety of settings and industries. I can’t wait to see where this newfound knowledge takes me as I continue to search for what the next step of my career might be.

R. Taylor Vactor
Geologist, Petrophysicist & Aspiring Data Scientist – Seeking Employment

Given my background, programming, and writing codes was a very far world from mine, today I’ve learned to write codes to analyze data and apply some statistical and mathematical modeling fairly. 

Looking at safety management implementation in the aviation industry, leveraging data science and machine learning solutions into different areas such as root cause analysis, hazard identification, risk management, performance monitoring, and management can help overcome many of the challenges experienced by states and organizations alike. One example is the application of natural language processing to handle the vast amount of textual data generated within every safety management system, an area that deserves the attention and cooperation of safety management professionals and data scientists for the benefit of the industry.

Mohamed Salah, MBA
Instructor pilot | Data Science Practitioner |Former Safety General Director in the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority

I am pleased to say that I have just completed the IBM Certified Data Science Professional Course. It was a great opportunity to get started in the field of computer science and machine learning. The program consisted of nine online courses on Coursera, and it has provided me with many great assets, such as open-source tools and libraries. The skills I gained in this course will help me solve practical problems and build momentum towards my career in data science.

Liudmila Rubleva
Producer at Deutsche Presse-Agentur(News media company)

Quick takes:

DurationApprox. 10 months to complete
Suggested 5 hours/week
No. of courses9
No. of projects20+
Skills to gain15+
Badges to earn17
No. of enrollments223,915+


It is a great opportunity to get started in the field of computer science and machine learning. The program consisted of nine online courses which provides many great assets, such as open-source tools and libraries. The skills you gain from this course will help you to solve practical problems and build momentum towards your career in data science.