Paul Davids- Learn, Practice, Play Review

Course Offerings

The course has seven core modules and 55 video lessons. All the videos are very good and of high production quality. When you dive a little deeper into the specifics of each course, this is where it gets interesting and you can start to see some differences compared to other courses.

Target Audience

Paul David’s Learn Practice Play course is basically targeting guitar players who are beginners but more are frustrated with their progress. It aimed at people who have been learning like on YouTube and have a very fractured self-directed kind of learning system and then they need something to kind of focus on then that’s who Paul’s aiming his course at.

Focus of the course

You start off by playing Melodies like one-note melodies and then you develop those as time goes on. There’s fingerpicking that’s brought into it and then obviously you’ve got open chords as well. So, his focus is having a mixture of variants to keep your interest and if you’ve got kind of more of a specific desire to play Solos or Notes then you might find this course good.


Paul’s course is $199 for lifetime access. You can also pay in three monthly installments of $79. Your purchase comes with all the course materials which you can access for lifetime. You’re also protected by a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Active Community

This is often overlooked in terms of a guitar course because most of the time when you’re going through one instructor, you’re not going to get that feedback, you’re not going to be able to get an instant response to any question that you may have, it’s quite passive. So, the forums are quite an important place to be so. 

On Paul’s course, you get access to his private Facebook group. Paul is not an active participator in discussions. You’re relying on the people within the group who are either beginners or beginners who’ve moved on to his next course. But, there is some kind of more advanced knowledge you get, if you ask a question, you might be able to get some guidance.


High-quality video lessons

Paul gets you playing straight away. The videos themselves are of very high production quality as you would expect from him seeing his YouTube channel. There are nice small bite-sized videos that are easy to digest. And then, you get into playing along a synchronized track. You also get a backing track. So the variants that you get just within one lesson is very good. It’s easy just to get straight into it.

Theory + Practical

Across the module you get a good mix of the practical play, you might get a scale and you’ll get a bit of theory mixed in as well as you’re playing along the backing tracks. It keeps it interesting that also means the course overall has a good pace. It doesn’t get too much at any one point. The information isn’t too dense. You don’t get a big chunk of music theory and that’s what you need when you’re in those early stages of playing guitar. When you’ve got a bit more experience under your belt, you want to focus down on something.

Cons OR Needs Improvement

The Amount of content

The amount of content targeted for newbies isn’t enough in comparison to other courses that you’ve got. For example with the Justin Guitar Beginner course which is entirely free, there’s a lot more spread of information, it feels like there’s you’re holding your hand a lot more. And with this course, you just don’t get that. You get straight into playing but not enough time is spent on that. And that’s reflected by the fact that whether or not you’ve supplemented your learning with other course or YouTube video. For instance, many guitar learners said they did some to the point where they would just use the Justin guitar course and then supplement it with paul David’s course. 

At the cost of $199, it feels like there’s something lacking in the course in terms of the overall content for a new guitar player. While the course has a good mix in each module, it gets a little bit tedious as you work through it. 

No Popular Songs

There are no popular songs within this course.  If you look on his youtube channel, he does have some popular songs that he’s covered but never really in a full detailed tutorial kind of method. So anything you’re going to learn about that is going to be outside of the course whether or not you supplement it with other courses or wherever else you want to get your information about guitar lessons or tabs. You’re going to have to supplement your learning to find songs that will match your level and that can always be quite a difficult and frustrating experience. In contrast this, Paul does have some excellent melodies that spread throughout his course, you can build upon those.

Final Verdict- Is it worth the $199 tag?

First of all, any online guitar tuition you get from someone who is experienced, for this kind of money is still cheap. While, in-person or one-on-one lessons are going to cost you a lot more, probably thousands of dollars and you’re getting it for a fraction of the price. So, obviously, you’ve got to take it all with a pinch of salt but when you’re looking at someone who’s teaching online you’ve got to compare it to others that are teaching online. Paul is a skilled guitar player, he’s very good at planting a seed. He mixes his theory with the practice throughout the course which is very easy to work through and also enjoyable.

They’re just some elements within the course that could be improved in terms of the amount of content. If you’re a complete newbie, I wouldn’t say go for this course. If you’ve got a bit of experience and you’re a fan of Paul then okay go for the course but $199 it’s a lot more than you could get for a comprehensive course like Justin’s Guitar Beginner course

Overall, the course is well structured and well-paced but is a little thin on content because of that it makes its price tag feel high.