Warming up with the Obe fitness online classes

If you’ve been looking for a great way to get in shape from the comfort of your own home and have a lot of fun doing it, you’re going to love Obé.

What is Obé Fitness?

It is an at-home fitness class type program, that gives you access to hundreds of on-demand and live classes.

The classes range everything from yoga, and cardio to High-intensity interval training(HIIT). All classes are super fun to do. It’s seriously like being in a boutique fitness gym but doing it from the comfort of your own home. It’s almost like you are in a swanky New York City fitness club.

You get to choose if you want to take a live class where you get to interact with other people and the coaches will interact with you. You can also take one of their hundreds of on-demand classes which include everything from kids to pre and postnatal classes. There are also classes for elderly people; there’s literally something for everyone on this platform.

Obé Fitness USPs

  • Tons of variety
  • Bright, fun platform
  • Awesome and super motivating instructors.
  • Short, sweet, and effective classes
  • Live or on-demand class options

Tons of variety

Obé app is the perfect way to get in a quick class. There are tons of variety and modalities to choose from. Whether you want to take it slow and do yoga or pilates or you want to turn it up and do a strength class or HIIT class, you literally can find it all within the app. It’s truly amazing.

They’ve also offer Express Classes so if you want to work out for 10 minutes or work on a specific area, you can work on your abs, butt, legs, you can stretch, foam roll, and then they offer mini-classes as well.

TIP: If you do a 7-day free trial, it is advisable starting off with these Express classes because you’ll be able to test the waters and see what your body is ready for and what you’re excited to dive into your workout journey.

Bright, fun platform

Obé is such a bright fun platform. When you open the app and you see the lively instructors full of energy and the bright colors. It’s just such a shiny bright part of your day that not only makes you feel good but also instill the motivation to work out.

Awesome and super motivating instructors

The instructors are stunning. They’re super motivating and effective at what they do. You feel like you can really connect with them and do all the things that they teach in all decency.

They’re in almost like a box room that’s like bright neon colors. They are very appealing and it just makes you feel happy when you open up one of their workouts.

Short, sweet, and effective classes

Obé’s claim to fame is their 28-minute class. Obé does have shorter classes and they do have some that go up to 45 Minutes. However, the majority of their classes are just 28 minutes which allows you to squeeze those in anywhere anytime.

Live or on-demand class options

The classes come with live or on-demand options. This is a very helpful feature because if you can’t meet or make a live class, you can grab an on-demand class anytime, anywhere and there’s so much variety.

Helpful instructions and advices

Obé also offers prenatal postnatal and different talks about things in your health regimen or tips on how to experience your workouts better with Obé. They also help in recommending the equipment you might need for your workout routine.

Workout calendar

You can see yourself creating a perfect workout calendar with what Obé has to offer. It is easy to use a calendar where you can save workouts you want to do in the future, you’ve done in the past, you can also easily track those.

Best for

Obé is a little bit more for beginner to intermediate people and those who like a little more low-impact style training.

Do you need any equipment for Obe classes?

As far as equipment needed, a lot of Obé classes are bodyweight only which is great if you don’t have a lot of home gym equipment. However, it is recommended to have some ankle weights or dumbbells of three to five pounds which is super simple to grab and it really spice up your workouts a little bit.


Obé offers seven days of free classes and then after that, it is $27 a month. This is the most expensive app. It’s hard to find a mobile app that offers fitness classes that’s any more than about $30 but for how much money it is, it’s a really good bang for your buck.

Best Alternatives to Obé

  1. NEOU fitness
  2. CorePower fitness
  3. P.volve

NEOU fitness

NEOU as compared to Obé has a full library of on-demand programs and workouts which are kind of set up like Beachbody. You can choose from a bunch of different programs and instructors. It is more for moderate to advanced people who are looking to get a good challenge and a little bit more intensity out of their workouts.

As far as equipment is concerned, for the body, NEOU has some bodyweight exercises but the majority of their workouts require you to have some dumbbells or some bands. It depends on which program you choose but you could also definitely do all of it with no equipment at all.

CorePower Yoga & Fitness Classes

CorePower’s classes are easy to do, if you only have a small space because their classes are usually packed full of people, all of their exercises are within the area of your mat. You’ll definitely get the most out of their yoga sculpt classes if you have light weights but you also don’t need them.

When it comes to their app, it’s well organized, you can search by lap duration, different muscle groups, the yoga, or yoga sculpt with weights without weights or even by instructors.

The only negative thing about CorePower classes is that they don’t have the best cardio classes as their yoga sculpt classes. CorePower does have cardio sections but it’s not a full cardio class. If you are looking to incorporate more cardio in here, this app probably isn’t the best for you.


P.volve has locations in New York, LA, and Chicago but they are mostly online. P.volve is good at targeting certain muscle groups. The app is really well organized to know exactly what muscle group you are targeting and then their instruction to target those small muscle groups is just really good.

P.volve also has a good structure of videos such as three-day, four-day, five-day challenge to keep you from getting bored or just keep you on track and dedicated to your workouts.

To break down their cost, P.volve does offer 14 days of free trial and then after that, they are $20 a month.

Moreover, P.volve has a section for nutrition help or recipes. There’s a little more bang for your buck went for the $20 a month because you get those extra recipes and nutrition tips that they suggest.

P.volve doesn’t include any equipment. They do offer a ball or a band or some weights that you can purchase on their website. if you do want to dedicate more of your time to people, then buy that equipment, it would be a great investment.