Masterclass review- Learn from the best with

If you’re like most people, you’ve heard of MasterClass, a course system where you get to learn from the best in the industry about exactly what they do but
you’re probably asking yourself is it worth it or what does it come with?

Well, in this article, I’m gonna show you exactly what is MasterClass and whether or not it stands up to what our expectations are.

What is MasterClass?

Alex the Al Docere offers his opinions and experience on MasterClass

MasterClass is an online streaming platform where top instructors are giving lectures, sharing their invaluable life experiences. And these instructors are world-renowned professionals in their respective fields. It’s a library of courses from some of the world’s best in every industry. You can imagine this:

  • Community activist and self-proclaimed “Gangster Gardener”, Ron Finley teaching Gardening
  • Emmy-winning “Good Morning America” co-anchor, Robin Roberts on authentic communication
  • Legendary skateboarder, Tony Hawk on teaching Skateboarding
  • Sheila E on finding your rhythm with Drumming and Percussion
  • Brandon McMillan sharing an effective training system for dog training.

MasterClass has managed to assemble such an incredible array of instructors. These are the world’s most successful people. They’re highly creative. There are also sports stars, actors, singers, writers, and famous chefs teaching their subject matter.

MasterClass is like a place for motivation, where you understand someone’s mindset. It is not for gaining core competencies and skill acquisition. So, that’s the very first point important to point out what exactly is MasterClass.

Catalog of courses on MasterClass

There are so many courses on MasterClass in many different topics.

There are about to more than 90 classes with an average of 20 lessons per class and at an average of 10 minutes a lesson with new courses added every month. You have to keep in mind that these are some of the most sought-after busy people in the world so of course, they’re going to have less time to create a hundred videos. You can find classes in following categories:

  1. Food
  2. Home & Lifestyle
  3. Arts & Entertainment
  4. Sports & Gaming
  5. Design & Style
  6. Business
  7. Writing
  8. Science & Tech
  9. Music
  10. Community & Government
  11. Wellness

Quality of courses

The greatest strength of MasterClass is the quality of the instructors on the platform. The quality of the courses is unmatched by absolutely anything that one has seen online. A lot of the courses have where the instructor is sitting down at the chair, they’ve got a nice kind of aesthetic backdrop. It’s just really high-level production that you’re not going to find anywhere else.

The courses are broken down into a nice flow. It is just the way that the instructor is presenting it or the way that the editors then went in and helped package everything, it moves very, very nicely as you’re watching the courses.

Then the courses have class material. It may be pdf copy or reading examples of real work and it outlined everything that the instructor is talking about. The level of effort that the MasterClass put into packaging all the courses is phenomenal. Also, the production value of the videos is amazing. All the videos are filmed through multiple camera angles.

You have a score of top-notch writers teaching you all writing skills like R. L. Stine, James Patterson, Malcolm Gladwell, Margaret Atwood, and the list goes on. And the cool part is that they just keep adding even more.  

It’s safe to say they probably have the best in the industry teaching their subject matter. You’ll get advice from someone who has achieved such an enormous amount of success as someone like James Patterson in writing. So, I’ll give an A-plus to MasterClass on the quality side.

MasterClass Platform

The online platform just going through the browser is great and nicely laid out with easy navigation. MasterClass keeps on updating its platform to make it better in layout while adding new sections. There is also an area of little snippets of courses where you can see the best of the best within their courses.

You can also watch classes on mobile devices, but it is not the best way to really consume MasterClass. They also have an option where you can just listen to the audio, so it could be like an audiobook. For some of the courses, that might be good.

Watch MasterClass on the App

MasterClass App version is also fine. You can stream videos while going down to the gym and on a stationary bike watching some courses or use it to cast to the television. There are some problems when casting with the MasterClass platform. After each video, it wouldn’t keep going to the next video. It would almost disconnect and sometimes if you were watching it on multiple devices or switching, watching it first on a laptop and then maybe watching it on an iPad, it wouldn’t actually align properly.

They’ve got some things to work out a little bit if you’re using multiple devices to view Masterclass, but overall, it’s fine.

MasterClass Playlist

The Playlist put together different instructors that you may not have even thought of. These are all instructors that have created lessons that are related to the theme of the story from idea to ending. For instance, you can go through and watch a package of lessons from Aaron Sorkin, Steve Martin, Judy Blume, Malcolm Gladwell, and James Patterson. It’s a fantastic way of going on an educational experience of learning something from a number of different instructors where MasterClass has done the work of curating the lessons for you. This is one of the real benefits of going for the all-access pass because you can spend a lot of time in the playlist, mixing and matching the experience of the lessons in a very modular way.

How good are the MasterClass courses?

This is a bit of a hard question to answer because the truth is every one of them was very different. For example, Wolfgang Puck had a very structured course. It came with recipes that you could turn around take action and cook the same thing. However, When listening to Malcolm Gladwell, he was sort of like the strategy and art of writing. There is not a lot that you could take turnaround and turn into practical. Instead, it was more like sitting there having a nice scotch with him hearing him just unload his thoughts about non-fiction writing.

So, throughout you’ll find different courses based on the style and the teaching points in the subject matter of the particular expert. It ranged from practical to a longer high-level TEDx. Maybe one or two out of the 90-plus to be not worth the time but the others are superb.

You also get downloadable course notes and even a class workbook with notes and places to write notes for yourself. In addition to this, you get a downloadable fundamental guide. The thing, you’ll love most is the question-and-answer section called the office hours. In this, there are some of the student takers who have posted a video- short concise video with questions and the actual teacher is answering them.

MasterClass Pricing and Plans

Now price, this is the thing you all probably were wanting to know, the price for MasterClass.

It’s $15 a month, but it’s billed annually, so that’s $180. The way that MasterClass works, there are two options. You can either buy one of their courses for $90 and get it for life or you pay $180 and you get access to every course they have for one year

Which MasterClass plan is best for me?

If you’re sitting there thinking to yourself well there’s only one that I really want to watch then perhaps the $90 is best. There’s a lot of cool things in there. But a bit of warning though a lot of people will sign up for the one-year subscription and they have the intention of sitting down and watching it. They don’t actually get to it. I have a couple of friends who said they bought it and they realized they actually haven’t watched. So really think about whether or not you are going to sit down and watch these courses or if just getting the one course that you and having that for life is the best option.

MasterClass all-access pass- Annual Membership

Let’s assume that you signed up for the All-access pass. What does it come with? What do you have? Is it just videos? Well, first thing first is you get access to every available class as well as every new class being released. Usually, the videos run between two to four hours depending on the lesson.

If you do the All-access pass, make sure that you sit down and you schedule a time to watch it. Rather than sitting down at eight o’clock to watch your next Netflix binge, just open up Apple TV and access MasterClass. You can also use AirPlay from your phone or from your laptop to send it to your TV and get a lot out of it for 180$.

So, Is it worth $180?

For the RIGHT person, Yes. If you just have a general interest in educating yourself and learning from the best of the best on any topic, $180, it’s worth it.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who’s looking to actually learn the skills or want to become a better writer, actor, cook, or musician, MasterClass is not probably for you.

You just need to spend more time practicing your craft rather than trying to learn from the greats. Maybe go to something like Skillshare. Skillshare runs, the price of $99 for a year. There’s a lot of that stuff that you could also learn on YouTube.

A lot of people sign up for MasterClass and then they actually never watch it. That’s 180 dollars wasted. So, if you decide to take the plunge, be sure to schedule it out and put it in your routine. You’ve got superior content. You’re getting your money’s worth and you’ll hopefully grow to experience more in the things you want to achieve. 

Cons of MasterClass

One of the weaknesses of MasterClass is, it is all about edutainment. It is educational entertainment which can be a fantastic experience but it is not that type of strictest education where you’re learning applied skills that can go on your resume. 

For instance, by taking an online course on accounting, you can acquire hands-on skills that enable you to perform your job better. You’re not going to find that with MasterClass. You can end up learning the tips that will help you to become a better writer or to create a better screenplay for example. You have to go out and figure out your own process for doing it.

The instructors are there to share their personal life experiences that not going to help you to build-up the skill you want to develop.  You do need to come up with your own process, your own way of doing things. You’re not going to learn the exact process that makes you successful.

For example, If you don’t know anything about photography, watching one of the photography MasterClasses by professional photographers like Annie Leibovitz, isn’t really gonna teach you how to be a photographer.

But what you will learn is their kind of methodology, their mindset, the things that they’ve learned throughout their career that has helped them get to where they are today, and that’s what it’s for.

Conclusion- Making the final decision

After going through the whole discussion, if you’re looking for an educational experience that’s also very entertaining, Masterclass can be an excellent choice. You can watch it as a substitute for Netflix at night.

Another platform that’s kind of in-between Skillshare and MasterClass is a platform called CreativeLive. It is where you’re learning from people about actual real skills. They’re real high-level professionals,

While MasterClass has top-notch teachers, the best of the best and it’s kind of starstruck to listen to them. Don’t go into it expecting that you’re going to become a master at basketball or the next Martin Scorsese in filmmaking. Think of it more like a very high-level discussion. It is like icing on the cake and hopefully if you’ve already baked that cake!