Learn Plan Profit Review – Is Ricky Gutierrez’s Course Worth $299 Price Tag?

What is Learn Plan Profit?

Learning plan profit is a day trading course offered by the YouTuber, Ricky Gutierrez. It supposedly helps you allowing to become a profitable day trader in the stock market. Ricky does not trade things like Forex or any of the other markets, he strictly trades stocks and with the majority of them being ETF around futures such as natural gas or oil and others.

Course Offerings

  1. Online Course
  2. Discord Chat
  3. Daily Live Stream

The course offers access to about three main things. They are the online course itself, the discord chat with all of his premium members, and the live trading sessions.

Online course

The course itself is about eight hours long. It could be a little bit less but basically, he walks you through pretty much all the basics of day trading from support and resistance levels such as when to buy when to sell and a lot of nuanced things like what’s the penny stock what’s the mid-cap stock.

Ricky does a great job in the course of providing mental content to help you emotionally deal with day trading. It doesn’t really make sense but his whole day trading course is not simply about technical analysis. He gives you a lot of videos that help you with your mindset regarding day trading.

Repackage content from YouTube

There are a lot of things that he talks about in his day trading course that is available for free on his YouTube video but they’re repackaged into this course so you can do it all at once.

It’s pretty much just repackage content from his YouTube videos because he simply talks about everything in the course on his YouTube channel at some point. If you want to find it for free kindly go through his channel and search for it but basically, he talked about everything in this course on his youtube channel for free. 

As a Side Hustle

One thing that I like in particular about Ricky is that even if you don’t be a day trader but even if you just want to be an entrepreneur or want a side hustle, simply listening to a lot of his videos will give you the motivation to just get up off your butt and go do something with your life. He is an amazing speaker and he is great at just providing you with great motivational and entrepreneurial advice regardless of what mark you want to pursue. 

Discord Chat

Discord chat is basically a smaller version of his Techbud Solutions chat. Ricky Gutierrez runs a large Facebook group called Techbud Solutions and that’s basically about half a million or so members in that group. The group handles conversations around day trading and stock market investing. 

The discord version of that same chat is very quick to get overwhelmed with just the sheer amount of messages that are being sent at one time. It may take a few times to get your question answered but usually, the person will answer your questions. 

It is very easy to get information out of the group members or simply Ricky himself.  Ricky is a very great person and he really tries to provide as much value to a day trader as possible.

Live Trading Sessions 

This is by far the most valuable thing on YouTube as far as day trading goes. Ricky literally pretty much every single trading day of the week he goes and live streams his trades for about an hour every single morning.  

This may fluctuate sometimes he has other things he needs to be doing, but most of the time he is so reliable that about 8:30 AM he start his camera and start a live stream and whether he takes a trade or not he can answer the questions he can talk about the learn plan project. 

This is so valuable as a day trader because you can actually watch him make trade live and can see history actions to certain movements in the market. You can also replicate that in your own way by watching how he reacts to certain stock movements.

For a beginner

If you are a complete beginner in the day trading field or a day trading niche then just taking a course and having that understanding of what day trading is, going to be really important before you get started in the first place. You need to know what supporting resistant levels are. You need to know what a pattern day trader is and just little other things before you can even get started making money.


The course is about $299.00. Usually, that’s a good price because some of the other day trading courses can run up to about $1,000 or $2,000 so  Ricky’s course is priced really well for the amount of value that you get from the course. 


Ricky’s course is valuable. It teaches you how to be a profitable day trader. It teaches you how to make profitable trades and how you can make money online. However, it is really up to you personally whether or not you take the time to be able to emotionally detach yourself in order to be a great trader. 

Ricky can do everything that he can in order to give you the tool that you need to be successful but you have to take it upon yourself in order to sharpen those tools. You have to take it upon yourself to sharpen your mindset in order to be a successful day trader. For most people that’s possible.

A lot of people in his discord chat are very profitable day traders, but you have to know what you’re getting yourself into when you becoming a day trader. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not going to be quick money.

My Opinion

You can learn anything you want to become a day trader. You can read books, you can study all the charts that you want but Day Trading still is a certain amount of gambling. You can have a perfect setup on a chart and you can do everything right and take a position and start to lose money. Ricky preaches a lot that you just have to know when to cut losses or else you’ll be discouraged and never do day trading again.

You can’t just take the course and simply go out and be a day trader that’s just not how it’s gonna work but you can take the course and have a fundamental understanding of what day trading is.