Just One Dime Review: Is Seth Kniep’s course worth anymore?

Seth Kniep’s Just One Dime course gives you the tools, the processes, and the systems in which you can take your Amazon business and make it successful.

It is a catalyst for building up your business and enhancing and growing your business. It is by no means a guarantee of success if you just join Just One Dime. You still need to be able to put in the hard yards and even more importantly deal with and grow from your failures.

Just One Dime is only worth it when you’re passionate about your business and ready to take all the accountability for your success and failures.

What is Just One Dime?

Just One Dime is the Amazon FBA coaching program for online entrepreneurs who are selling on Amazon through the Amazon FBA program. This is a step-by-step program in which you can either start from scratch or add to their existing processes of selling on Amazon and enhance their business from there.

Who is Seth Kniep

Seth Kniep is the founder of Just One Dime, who has started teaching Amazon FBA on his YouTube channel when he only had around 50 Subscribers so far. It was at that time still very small; he came across as very sincere and genuine in wanting to actually teach people what he had learned not just sell people another product.

The way he teaches about his program is for individuals who are taking responsibility for their own businesses and who are holding themselves accountable for their successes and failures. He never over-promising in saying, if you join my program, you’re a hundred percent going to be successful.

He’s continually involved with the ecosystem. He is continually growing and thinking about new opportunities for Just One Dime and the culture of the person leading the community sets the tone for the rest of the community. He’s very self-driven, pushing forward, and always looking to start new ventures.

This is a pay once, In Forever membership

A lot of these memberships(Amazon FBA) and programs are expensive, Just One Dime is no exception to that but unlike other memberships, Just One Dime offer for six months or one year.

Once you’re in, you’re in Forever. Also, the course is continually updated which means, in three years you’re getting a course that is being updated for those changes in three years. So, if you’re planning very long term on FBA, then this makes sense.

How much does done for you just one dime cost?

You can either make three payments of $597 or a one-time payment for $1997.

Now, the single payment option,i.e., $1997,  gives you two extra things.

  1. Suppliers to build your product:  Just One Dime will actually go and find you suppliers who can manufacture your product.
  2. Get 3 unique potential product ideas:  You’ll get three unique potential product ideas and those are sent to you at the end of month one, month two, and month three.

Just One Dime membership is not cheap but it’s lifetime access. So you’ve got to work that out if you’re long term it’s awesome. 

What you’ll get from Just One Dime Membership

  1. Coach Access(Certified Amazon Sellers)
  2. The 5 Training Modules
  3. Community Access
  4. Weekly Coaching
  5. Live Workshops

Coach Access(Certified Amazon Sellers)

The first thing you’ll get is access to the coaches. Some of the people who work at Just One Dime are actual trainers of the members and they are all Amazon sellers themselves. In fact, every six months they have to provide proof of their sales on Amazon. 

One on one private coaching

When you sign up, depending on the level you choose, you’re going to get one or more one-on-one private sessions with a coach. These private live sessions are done on Zoom and the meetings are recorded and sent to you subsequently if you wish. 

The nature of the meetings is entirely at your discretion. So, if you need help with choosing a brand name, or if you need to choose between potential products, they can help with that. It really depends on what you need.

If you have, for example, three one-on-one sessions you can use them say brand name, product choice, and then suppliers or shipping plans, it’s totally up to you, and what you need help with, that’s what the coach is there to do.

The 5 Training Modules

You’ll get to access five training modules which are going, to begin with, Start. All the modules are structured in a way to allows you to move through the process of selling on Amazon step-by-step.

1. Start

  • Business setup
  • Seller account
  • Choosing the brand name
  • Trademarking
  • etc.

Incidentally, this is the largest part of the membership compared to other sections which are a bit smaller. The Start training module covers setting up the business, creating your seller account, creating your brand name, thinking about trademarking, etc. This is set up and getting a good base.

2. Find

  • Product research(Analytical and factual)
  • Finding massive demand with low competition, hence make huge money 

Find module deals mainly with product research, both for North America but also for Europe. This also deals with how to actually narrow down those potential products you found.

3. Build

  • Make your product stand out from the competition
  • Find and negotiate with trustworthy suppliers
  • Setting up shipping and inspection
  • Amazon listing
  • Shipping settings
  • Listing to Amazon fulfillment centers.

The build section deals with how do you can bring your product to life. So, all the way from creating the listing in the actual digital version of your product to dealing with suppliers, supplier negotiation, payments, shipping plans, getting goods to Amazon, and ready for sale

4. Launch

  • Focus on sales and growth
  • Strategize your product launch
  • Run PPC
  • Advanced techniques to boost sales
  • Collecting customers data

The fourth module is the Launch. Of course, with any new product, you want to really get that moving fast, so this goes over different strategies that you can use in order to get those first sales. The module also focuses heavily on reviews, how to get reviews from those first purchases, and how to create a review strategy that’s going to work with you long-term.

5. Grow

  • Optimize your listing
  • Handling returns
  • Customer communication
  • Credit and Chargebacks
  • Customer feedback and reviews

Grow is more about maintenance and growing your store after you’ve actually set it up and actually launched products.

You’ll learn how to deal with problems, you might face in the business. You’ll learn how to overcome those problems and how to optimize the business. You’ll also learn where should be looking to automate as well as business growth strategies.

Quiz Section

Every video has a quiz that going to ask for your name and then it’s going to ask a couple of specific questions based on the module or video you watch. The quiz is short and quick, it’s not like an exam or anything but it’s just to test your knowledge and ensure what you’ve learned is retained. The quiz results are then sent to your email.

Community Access

The third thing you’re going to get is access to the community specifically the Facebook community. Just One Dime Facebook community has almost 3, 000 members and you can ask any question there.

A lot of people are going to use #coach on their questions and that’s going to ensure that team of coaches we spoke about earlier is going to find your question because they are going to monitor this group for those questions and then answer these questions.

  • Ask any questions
  • Seller-seller interactions
  • Announcements 
  • Run Polls

Seller-Seller Interactions

Another thing is sellers interact with other sellers. You might be answering another person’s question or other members answering your question. This is so helpful in finding referrals and services. Thus for instance, if you need something done, you can ask in the group and can find a reputable service.

Sometimes you can even reach out to them with that referrer’s name and that gets you almost a good relationship from the get-go with that service or company.

Announcements and Polling

This is also where you’ll going to see announcements on live Q&As and other things. Moreover, you’re always reminded of what’s coming up and what you can join. You can also run polls to get an idea about which brand names are best or which logos does the community likes the most, your fellow sellers will help you in choosing those. You’re going to get all different opinions. You almost have your own little focus group as well.

Weekly Coaching

  • Multiple Coaches
  • Topic Variety
  • Multiple Mediums
  • Live Questions

The fourth thing you’ll get is weekly coaching. Every week, you’ll receive live lessons held by different coaches on different weeks. They cover a variety of topics. Sometimes they’re even just open-ended Q&As but in all of them, you can ask your questions live. A lot of members appreciate this because it keeps it a lot more Interactive.

Live Workshops

Here you can see which events are coming up what topics are being covered and also all past recordings of all the workshops. All the workshops also are posted in the Facebook community as well. If you can’t attend live class, you also have all of the replays, and that way you can go through this in your own time as well.

International approach

Just One Dime is a very international-focused course. It’s not just centered on the US marketplace or North America but it also covers Europe and even Australia. Just One Dime also has full-time staff in China where they help in finding the right product from different sellers for your store. Just One Dime is always growing and giving sellers the opportunity to go international.

Just One Dime Strengths

The absolute favorite thing about Just One Dime is the positivity that is created within the community. There is a concerted effort to keep the community positive and moving forward and keep an environment in which people can thrive and collaborate and share their knowledge.

Just One Dime by maintaining positivity and giving enough encouragement to members thus helps in offering new solutions and help in overcoming the hurdles that students or sellers face.

An environment where everyone prosper

Just One Dime creates an environment in which everyone feels comfortable to share and ask questions. It’s vital that this environment is created because For example, take an extremely shy person or a very inexperienced seller, or a brand new seller.

Now, Do you want an environment in which they feel threatened and where they’re going to get put down by experienced sellers? Or do you want an environment in which they feel comfortable sharing their questions even if they feel like this is a silly question? That is the environment Just One Dime creates in which everyone has an equal footing on which to ask questions and be involved with everyone else.

Just One Dime Downsides

The biggest weakness Just One Dime has is with the launch procedure and the launch section of the program. The reason for this is that you are doing business in a dynamic environment. You’re selling on Amazon which is a platform where Terms of Service are continually changing and adapting.

So, this has definitely been one of the biggest challenges to the program and is definitely one of the areas that members have felt the need to speak out about and look for improvements in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you join Just One Dime or not any training program?

Just One Dime has a highly attractive community of individuals and mentors where you can get a networking opportunity to build, scale, and grow more audience. Also, this is a step-by-step course that you can go through as a guide when building up your Amazon store and selling various products.

For who this program is not right?

There is the biggest threat to Just One Dime is when the wrong types of people decide to get involved with this business. The program is not right for those who have not yet accepted responsibility and taken accountability for their successes and failures.

Some individuals are choosing to get into this business(Amazon FBA) because it looks easy and then perhaps choosing a program because they feel like this shifts the accountability to the program and it is the program’s responsibility to make them successful. When individuals think like that, this always ends up in a problem and very often ends up in bad ratings and bad word of mouth for Just One Dime.

Some people are skeptical of coaching programs on Amazon FBA included Just One Dime?

It is natural for everyone to be skeptical before joining a coaching program like this. Anything you ever spend money on you should be vetting the quality of what you’re buying. And anyone who’s ever been stung online before will definitely be very skeptical before getting into any coaching program

Go through multiple programs and see what is going to work best for you. See what you’re looking for and what price points you can find in the market and then make your final decision for what suits you best.