Isha Inner Engineering Online Course Review

What is Inner Engineering? 

It is basically a seven-day workshop conducted all over India and also in many parts of the world in which you are trained in an ancient yogic practice by the disciples of Sadhguru. It’s a program that you can do in person or online. It is said that if you do this practice daily, you will be able to find joyfulness, happiness, and blissfulness from within even if the external situations and things are not going according to how you want or how you desire it to be.

What is the Isha Inner Engineering Online Course?

The Inner Engineering Online Course involves seven sessions of about 90 minutes each. It is kind of a self-improvement program from a spiritual point of view. When you register for inner engineering online, you get a series of videos that you can watch on your laptop, android, or on your iPad. Once you watch that, you’ve to register for the completion program where you’ll be initiated into Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya in the presence of Sadguru. In simple words, you get the theory part in the online one, and then you need to go for the practice in the completion program.

This program is available in person and also online. If you choose to do it online, you can do the program within 30 days of starting it. So your 7 sessions do not have to be consecutive, although it’s recommended to do them on consecutive days.

For who Inner Engineering is for?

Why you need to do this program and what is the reason that you should attend it? If you are a person who has gone through some kind of pain or suffering, maybe you have lost a loved one or maybe it was a breakup, or maybe you are not getting the job you want or you have a very good job and still, you are not able to find happiness. This is not a good way to live when your external situations are determining how you are.

For many of us when things are going according to how we want it to be, we feel very happy but the moment something else happens, something that we never thought it would be, we immediately get anxious and stressed. Many find it very hard to live life like that. So, from this inner engineering online program or course, you’ll find inner peace and able to bring it to your life.

What you can expect from Inner Engineering Online Course

If you have watched Sadhguru’s YouTube videos, the way he speaks and specifically, how he uses logic and humor, it is very easy to understand.

There is some repetition in what Sadhguru was saying in the course and the things, he told in his YouTube videos. However, it doesn’t matter if you do find some repetition because we hear a lot of good stuff and we read a lot of good stuff, but then we tend to forget it. So we need reminders and refreshers. Some of the experiences you’ll get from this course are:

1. Live the moment!

If you’re a person who is always either in the past or always in the future, thinking about what all things have I done wrong in the past and how I can improve my future and all that stuff. Finally, you have a tool, by which you are able to be at that moment. You’ll be able to enjoy the rain, able to enjoy the beauty of flowers. You’ll not see a hundred percent improvement but every day you can see like a five percent increase in what you’re able to do and live in the moment that matters!

2. Finding true happiness

The first thing that when you sit in the class, do not try to think about spirituality, do not try to find God there. The thing that you need to be is, you need to be first happy and blissful from the thing then only search for God.

When you’re sitting to watch the videos, sit like you are in a movie theater. When you are sitting in a theater watching a movie, you’re totally observed and focused on it yet you’re very relaxed and you are able to involve in that movie. That’s how you should take this online inner engineering class. You need to put your full attention but don’t try to memorize the things said in the videos. Involve in the process like you’re sitting in a theater and ultimately you’ll find real happiness slowly evolves into your mind, body, and soul.

3. Craving for food

The beauty of this 7-day inner engineering class is, you can be a person of any religion. No matter, if you are a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, or Sikh, you can still do it. You also do not need to change your diet. You can be a non-vegetarian or you can be a vegetarian or even a vegan. You’ll not be asked to change any of that but what you’ll notice in yourself is that on doing this practice daily your craving for food will be reduced a lot. You’ll not crave it like if you get, you’ll eat but if there is a choice between veg and a non-veg dish, you automatically choose a vegetarian meal. It’s naturally happening from within.

Sadguru’s words of wisdom

There is a lot of wisdom in Sadhguru’s words in this course- Inner Engineering.

The first one is this:

Pain is good for you. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.

It is our mind that creates suffering. Our mind magnifies the pain a thousand times and makes us suffer. Also, our suffering is not caused by others. It is caused by our own minds.
If I’m happy, it’s me. If I’m unhappy, it’s me.
If I make it it’s me. If I don’t make it, it’s me.
If I win, it’s me. If I lose, it’s me.

And the second wise thought by Sadhguru is this:

By accepting this moment, creating the next moment is in your hands.

I really like this because it helps us to not become a victim of our circumstances. No matter how bad your circumstances are, instead of complaining, if we can just accept that these are the cards that life has dealt us. So, now what can we do? What actions can we take to make our tomorrow better? This moment is inevitable, but the next moment is within our hands.

Sadguru teaches Meditation

The best part about the program is the meditation at the end of every class. During these meditations, which are guided by Sadhguru, you’ll go into a deeper state of relaxation than you usually do on your own. The reason for this could be that this meditation happens after one hour of listening to wise words by Sadhguru. So perhaps because of that one-hour lecture, that has already put one in zen and peaceful state of mind. So with that state of mind, if you do a meditation, it would be better.

Another reason is the music that is accompanying these guided meditations. The music found to be very peaceful and joyful. Or, it could be just Sadhguru – something about his voice or his energy or the words he chants. Something that you cannot explain with logical reasoning.

Final Thoughts

As with any program or book or guru, you take what you like and do what you can. Some things however are too hard for us to adopt at this point in our life. For example, Sadhguru says that some foods should not be consumed, like tea coffee, onion, garlic. But for many of us, it is hard to give up all these things.

So… would I recommend this program to you? First of all, I would recommend you to watch some of Sadhguru’s YouTube videos. If you like his style of speaking, then you can consider doing the program. In my cases, people loved his style of speaking so they enjoyed the program very well.

Second, you need to be prepared for the time commitment. If you’re fully committed to learning and spending about 90 minutes to two hours every day for seven days, then go for it!

One last thing that I wanted to point out is that, if you want you can also read Sadhguru’s book called “Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy“. The book does not have all the content that the course does and vice versa. There are some common things between the book and the course, but there are also lots of different things which are only in the book or only covered in the course.