Is it worth paying for a Real Estate Investing course?

If you’re new to Real Estate Investing, you’re probably wondering what is the best online course that can help me to make money as easiest and quickest as possible.

That’s a natural tendency and is also a very important question. In this article, I’ll talk in detail about:

  • Who should be buying online real estate investment courses?
  • What courses do you need to buy?
  • What happens after you complete the course?
  • Best ways to learn real estate investing for free

You can make money anyway

Real estate investing courses make you money, listening to podcasts make you money, forums making money, all types of content out there can make you money whether it’s paid or free.


The most important aspect for you is to ask yourself when the course is complete or when you’re done watching the last video or the last minute of the course, can you go out and apply the information that you’ve learned? 

Or are you gonna sit around and look for the next course video or the next YouTube video. 

Get your hands dirty

With all online Real estate investment courses, the most important factor is that you go out and apply what you actually learn in order to make money. This thing also applies to other courses such as affiliate marketing, ecommerce, Drop Shipping course, Amazon FBA, etc. Whatever course you buy make sure that when that course is over, you go out and apply what you learn. So, you have to really ask yourself, are you ready to begin real estate investing not just mentally but also practically.

Are you financially ready?

One thing that bothers many about online courses is that there’s no gatekeeper to judge if you’re ready to buy the course. With real estate investing, you’re going to have startup costs. Though you can do deals without any money, but if you’re a beginner or you don’t have much of a network or experience, doing real estate will cost you money. Sometimes the cost can be upwards of $50k to $100k depending on what market you’re in. 

So, before you even invest in online real estate courses, look at your personal balance sheet and see if you have any debt. You should check if you have credit card debt, student loans, or do you have a lot of obligations monthly against income that barely covers those obligations. Because if you do, it doesn’t matter how amazing the course is, if you’re not able to go out and actually buy real estate, it will be really challenging to do a course and succeed.

So first, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, are you financially ready. And the things you should consider are that have no debt and have at least $20k cash. If you’re not there for the most part for in most use cases you’re not ready to do a course.

Go with free resources first

There is a lot of free content available online that you can learn about real estate investing. YouTube BiggerPockets is one of the best resources that you can follow on YouTube as a beginner. Keep in mind this is all content that’s free, you can learn real estate investing, you can start investing in real estate right after following all these free materials. 

There’s nothing wrong with going that route. The benefit of the courses is that it just condenses the time and energy that you spend on learning and there’s absolutely value in that. Some people like having a high income, some people have families, some people don’t have the time obligation to go out and learn at their own pace for what could be up to a year. 

One major opponent of courses is that the courses will be very specific. There’s nothing wrong if you are the type of person that wants to pay a few hundred dollars to condense that learning timeframe by all means go out and invest in a course but understand that each course is gonna be very specific to whatever the course material is.

What area of real estate do you want to get into?

Within real estate investing you have so many ways to make money. Everyone’s different, some people work best as a flipper, some people might actually want to do the rehabs themself, some people like the wholesale, some people like to Buy-N-Hold. There are so many ways to invest in real estate. 

For example,

Graham Stefan is an excellent agent. He’s so successful in just a few years. He’s done many deals and transactions. His real estate agent academy is good at helping you become a real estate agent, which is yet another way to make money in real estate. But, if you don’t have any aspirations of becoming an agent, investing in that course doesn’t make any sense. 

YouTube + Podcasts

If you’re a beginner try to spend as much time as you can on BiggerPockets. Listen to all the podcasts, when you’re in a car, going to and from work, the grocery store, you can listen to podcasts. Once you started absorbing all that material, you’ll start to become aware of what type of real estate investment opportunities are available. You may find that there’s one area that you’re fascinated with. 

Also, spend some time on YouTube. Go and find experts in that area. Listen to them. Try to pick up on their strategies and if you feel the need to buy a course buy one specifically in that niche and that type of investing.

After listening to a lot of free podcasts and figuring out exactly what area of real estate you want to get into and you found a course that you want to buy, the most important thing is when that course is complete you go and take action. You might not 100% be ready to apply everything you learned but that’s okay and here’s the next phase of development for you is to go out and find people in your area that can help you. 

Local networking is key to success as an Real Estate Investor

Go on BiggerPockets and search for people by their city. Research people that are nearby to your city and had consistent posts on BiggerPockets. These are people that are super successful and easily reachable in BiggerPockets

Atlantic City, NJ Real Estate Networking Meetup- BiggerPockets 

So you go find people in your area within how many hours you’re willing to drive and you reach out to them on bigger rockets. In most cases, these people are willing to reach out and meet up with you. 

This is a very good opportunity for you. Network… network… network. You have a base fundamental knowledge from the course, you go out and network and this is how you’re going to make the most amount of money. 


The beauty of the real estate is it is insanely profitable long term. You can build up the business, you build up the skillset, the team, and the network. The opportunities are endless for you and that’s why taking a course is just a beginning. You can make so much money if you do the right things such as taking the right course, meet people, network, and grow together.

I hope you are highly profitable in your future ventures within real estate🙂