Introducing Treehouse – Unleash Your Coding Journey

The expanding field of technology has created a higher demand for tech skills than the market can supply. Academia has a hard time keeping up with tech and it seems that every web developer or programmer is required to be self-taught to some degree. To fill the gap between academia and self-teaching, online programs have been created and promised their students that they’ll teach them the required tech skills. Among these, is a company called TreehouseTreehouse is the place where you can learn web development from scratch and other programming languages.

What is TeamTreeHouse?

TeamTreeHouse or simply Treehouse is the online learning platform that focuses on teaching web and software development covering topics such as HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and many other types of coding languages. This makes up the bulk of their courses however there’s also a small collection of other types of courses such as digital literacy, business scales, and customer service help round out the would-be software developers.


Treehouse makes a specific effort to engage students and student engagement is what all courses are built upon. Students typically follow along with an instructor with a built-in online text editor called Workspaces. Workspaces allow students to focus on learning while bypassing the initial hurdle of researching installing and learning a robust text editor of their own. By clicking the preview button in workspaces the student can view how their work appears on a web page.

In addition to this, there are many quizzes along the way help reinforce students learning this could be a fill in the blank, multiple-choice, or even a coding challenge. If you get stuck on a question there’s an option to directly connect treehouse’s forums to see if someone can answer your question for you. Another way to ask questions is a direct connection with instructors through Twitter. Besides asking questions on forums, you can engage with others and see how their progress is going and tell them how yours is going as well. 

Treehouse Tracks – A roadmap to programming languages 

Aside from offering courses on the cart, treehouse bundles courses into tracks. Tracks guide students through the skills and technologies for a particular career and in order that will help build upon the student’s previous knowledge learned. This is where treehouse shines and sets it apart from so many other learning sites. 

Rigorous Curriculum Design

All the Tracks are based on a full curriculum of things such as if you want to learn front end web development, they’ll have all the courses from beginning to end and those courses will go ahead and get you to that point where you can be proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Some other full-stack tracks that they have are:

  • Android
  • Business
  • C#
  • Computer Science
  • Data Analysis
  • Databases
  • Design
  • Development Tools
  • Digital Literacy
  • HTML
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Security

Apart from the wide variety of tracks, they also have a library which contains over 300 courses. All scale from how to create a business to web development to even design how to create an application.

Format of Learning

Treehouse is very beginner-friendly like as soon as you register, you will go to a page where it’s going to ask you what your primary goal is for signing up in team treehouse. Some of those goals might be like do you want to be a full-time developer, want to be a freelancer, do you want to learn to build an application or a website and that will direct you towards the path that you want to choose to go ahead and develop your skills on what you’re trying to achieve. Once you select what you’re trying to learn, it’ll bring it to another page where it’ll ask you what your expertise or if you have any prior knowledge and that will also help them help you to decide on what courses you should take.

There are a ton of videos to watch with text accompanying each so you can read as well. After watching videos, there’s quiz or questions to test you on the knowledge you just learned and then there’s also workspaces where you can code yourself and run tests. These tests can either make you fail or pass and determines if you move on to the next chapter. You can also launch a workspace to see what code the instructor in the video is working with so you can get a more in-depth perspective.

Treehouse compared to FreeCodeCamp and Codeacademy Pro

Treehouse has a specific formula not replicated by any other competitors. By focusing on engaging with students and setting them up with paths to achieve a career rather than just skills, Treehouse has provided a clear goal for their students. On top of this, the ability to see how much skill possesses in a specific area graphically through the accrual of points it’s something you haven’t seen anywhere else.


Treehouse has a basic program where you get access to all of their expert-led video courses. You can also get a free trial for seven days. For all their pricing plans, it includes The Basic, Pro Plan, and the Tech Degree. The Basic Plan is $25 a month and it gives you access to all their videos. The second Plan is $49 a month which is called the Pro Plan and it gives you a little bit more extra content and you can download videos and watch offline. 

The biggest plan is called The Techdegree which gives you access to everything covered in previous plans as well as you get exclusive access to the team treehouse slack channel and some projects.

What is Treehouse Techdegree?

The Techdegree is for people who actually want to like ‘job ready’. It helps to create a job-ready e-portfolio that you can apply like if you’re serious about full-stack JavaScript development or just getting a job as a JavaScript developer then the tech degree is the best way to go. And you can even take a free trial on the tech degree. 

There are many perks to the tech degree program. With a tech degree, you can get guided learning paths, technical and soft skills quizzes, and challenges, you can build a portfolio, you can talk with different people with exclusive community chat, you can chat with the instructors as well and they have weekly office hours for support.


If you’re looking to get into a new career with tech or expand your current role with new technologies or simply learn something new, try Treehouse. It’s one of the most valuable resources used to learn front-end web development and by far the most enjoyable. If you’re on the fence go ahead and give them a shot.