Flowkey vs Simply Piano – Best learning app for Piano

If you’re debating between one of these two apps i.e Flowkey vs Simply Piano, I’ll be honest and say I don’t think you can go wrong with either one.

But if you have a choice, it’s easiest to start with Simply Piano because it starts from zero and also the fun, motivating, and enjoyment that you can get with this app. Besides this, you also get instant feedback based on your performance. 

Once you get going, switching to Flowkey is a great idea because Flowkey provides more of the theory and realistic levels which helps you move forward. What makes Flowkey the best from the rest, is that it provides a great foundation for music theory so that you can understand music better and learn like a pro.

If you’re really serious about learning piano, then Flowkey is definitely a great route to go. 


Flowkey is the best app for Music Theory. There’s a lot of information for the beginner to get started on understanding, reading music notes and rhythm which is something that hasn’t covered much in the other apps like Simply Piano.

Flowkey is also best for chords. There are a couple of different courses available on chords about both three-note chords and four-note chords.

Then, there are scales. Now, the way that scales are covered in Simply Piano is, they cover it within the different lessons. So, basically, you can learn one scale and then learn a lot of information and different songs on that scale.

Whereas, Flowkey has a section that covers all of the different scales at once. There are not specific songs that you play with them. So, depending on your goals and what you want to do, you may find it more fun and enjoyable to do it through Simply Piano. However, if you want to just practice your technique and memorize your scales which is very important for reading sheet music then Flowkey would be definitely the way to go.

Also, when you’re in any particular lesson, you’ll see a video of the person playing the piano at the top of the screen and that is great because you can take a look at what they’re doing and see if you’re doing it the same way.

Flowkey is found to be the most challenging of all the apps. This can be good and bad depending on where you are as a beginner. Most of the time, there is a brand new song pop up that is advanced enough to be able to play it. You can skip over them and potentially come back later but some parts of the app advanced a little too fast. If you’re really focused on concentrating, it makes you feel really good when you get through that part of it.

Practice mode

There isn’t a practice mode in Flowkey like you’ll find in Simply Piano where you can manipulate how fast it’s playing, or whether you just want to look at the right hand or the left hand. Flowkey has some of those options but you have to click through the exercises to get to them as opposed to being able to manipulate it right on the screen and choose exactly what you want to do, and what speed you want to play. 

So, the practice mode is a bit more limited in what you can do. Also, in order to practice new songs, the format is the same throughout the entire App. It is just scrolling mode that waits for you while you play the notes. It does not help with knowing that you’re playing at the right speed. It does provide the little green check box which is nice but that’s really the only feedback you get as to whether you played it, the timing is not really there.


They have one format of stopping and waiting as you play. And the other one is that it just plays the song and you play along but again it doesn’t stop you if you’re messing everything up and start over or try to make you do it more slowly. So, as a beginner as a musician, you have to determine whether you think you’re doing it well enough. The app itself is not preventing you or by saying, “Hey you need a little bit of work.” Less feedback basically.


The volume on Flowkey is not loud enough. For instance, when there is a strong breeze blows outside your window, you can hardly hear it and there’s no way to turn it up any louder. 

Simply Piano

Simply Piano is a very entertaining learning app as it keeps you engaged in the learning process and part of that is because of the variety of learning techniques they have. They don’t just use the scrolling screen, they also will flash up notes on the screen and you have to catch them. For parts of a song that are really difficult to learn, they break it down in small chunks and have you repeat it over and over again so that your hand gets some muscle memory for that. It’s just a very engaging technique they use for learning new songs 

Whenever you’re learning a song in Simply Piano, you have the parts where they teach you the lessons and you’ll see if you click on that part. This is not a scrolling mode. It gives you a little tip and rather than having to click as you do in Flowkey, you can just start playing and it will go-ahead.


When you get into the scrolling mode, there will be different options. There’s a practice mode where you can use the ear to actually just listen to it first and then you can turn practice mode on so that you can reduce the tempo and as you play it will give you feedback. If you play it right, it turns blue. If you miss, it turns red. And if you miss too many notes, it rewinds and has you play it again. If you miss too many notes twice, it puts you into practice mode automatically and slows down the tempo for you. 

In practice mode, you can also make it wait for you which is just like the wait mode that they have in Flowkey.

So, there are more options and settings in the app which help you along with whether or not you’re progressing well. Less of it is dependent on you making the decision for yourself that you’re ready to move on. That’s very helpful and motivating as You are learning new songs.

Revise with ease

Another great feature of Simply Piano is that every course starts with a recap. So at the beginning of it, you’ll see a reminder and it’ll take you through what you’ve been learning in previous lessons. In this way, if you take a break for a little while, you can come back and repeat things and the more you repeat the more likely you are to retain it.

In a nutshell, Piano is fun to learn with Simply Piano. You’ll find yourself enjoying each day but along with that, it does seem to move very slowly. Flowkey covers much faster than Simply Piano. Simply Piano progresses quite slowly. However, depending on the type of learner you are, you may find that you enjoy the fact that simply piano moves so slowly. so it just depends on the individual. 

Quick look at the pricing for both apps

DurationFlowkeySimply Piano
1 Month$19.99Not Available
3 Months$12.99 per month$59.99 ($19.99 per month)
6 MonthsNot Available$89.99 ($14.99 per month)
12 Months (Annually)$119.99 ($9.99 per month)$119.99 ($9.99 per month)
Lifetime access$300Not Available

As you can see, Flowkey is $19.99 per month whereas with Simply Piano the smallest amount you can do is three months for $59.99 which is about $19.99 per month. However, with Flowkey, if you do a three-month commitment, it’s only $12.99 per month for each of those three months. Twelve months for Flowkey is $9.99 per month and there’s a $300 lifetime Membership option. Simply Piano doesn’t have a lifetime there 12 months is the same at $9.99 per month and they have a six-month option at $14.99 a month.

Consequently, depending on the number of months that you want to commit, the pricing can be a little bit different between the two apps.

Simply Piano offers a 7-day free trial option so that you can try it before making any purchase. With Flowkey free route, you can get limited access to courses, free songs, and also get access to support services.