Coursera vs edX and 3 MOST Frequently Asked Questions

Points Of Difference



Popular Courses

Graphic Design, Data Science, Accounting, Machine Learning, Google IT Support

Languages, Data Science, Computer Programming, Python, CS

Range of Courses/Programs Offered

MOOCs, Specialization Programs, MasterTrack™ Certificates, Professional Certification Programs, Degree Programs, Coursera Guided Projects,

XSeries program, MicroMasters Program, Professional Certificate Programs, MicroBachelors Program, Master’s Degrees, Global Freshman Academy Courses, Executive Programs

Top Universities and Institutions

Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Imperial College London, University of Michigan, University of Illinois

Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), Harvard University, University of California, Berkeley, Boston University, The University of British Columbia


Coursera offers a subscription plan known as Coursera PLUS, in which you can access 3000+ courses, specialization programs, professional certificate programs, and Coursera’s guided projects for free. In addition to this, you can access and audit most of the courses for free but you have to pay for a Verified Coursera Certificate. Coursera PLUS cost you $399 USD a year and the price of each individual course range from $25 USD to $50 USD

Except for Special Programs and degrees, all the other edX courses are free for audit. However, you need to pay to get a verified certificate. The fee range between $50 to $300. The special programs include all the Xseries programs, MicroMasters, and MicroBachelors programs, and other programs mentioned above.

Financial Assistance

Available, Coursera offers 100% financial aid for anyone who doesn't afford to pay for a particular course. Coursera analysis factors such as educational background, career goals, and financial situation of the applicant. The review process can take up to two weeks but during this period the course aspirant can audit and go through the course material for free. An email has been sent if the application is approved.

edX offers a 90% discount on course purchases. Apart from Professional Education courses, edX provides financial aid for most verified tracks such as MicroMaster programs, MicroBachelor programs, Professional Certificate programs, and Xseries catalog of courses. The review process may take up to four days. Upon approval of the application, the applicant will receive an email carrying a coupon code of a 90% discount.  

Best Courses

  • Data Science by Johns Hopkins University

  • Google IT Automation with Python by Google

  • Python for Everybody by University of Michigan

  • AI For Everyone by

  • Marketing Analytics by University of Virginia

  • The Science of Well-Being by Yale University

  • CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science by Harvard University

     Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    The Science of Happiness by University of California, Berkeley

    MicroMasters® Program in Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods by The Georgia Institute of Technology

    Professional Certificate in Python Data Science by IBM

    Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals by UC Berkeley


  • Interactive video lectures with subtitles in multiple languages.

  • Online study materials and other learning resources like pdf files and websites.

  • Peer graded and machine graded assignments.

  • Personalized course suggestion based on learner's journey throughout the platform.

  • Create your learning goals using Google calendars and other apps.

  • Using Smart Review Recommendation System, review and make improvement, if you fail in any quiz. 

  • Monitor, Track, and Compare your progress through a centralized dashboard.

  • Interactive video lectures with subtitles in multiple languages.

  • Online study materials and other learning resources like pdf files and websites.

  • Quizzes, practice sessions, graded assignments, final exams, etc for performance appraisal.  

  • Simulations for practical training and hands-on real-time experience.

  • Calendar-based schedule

  • Interact, ask and explore with other learners worldwide using discussion forums and chats.

  • Progress tab to view grading and other reports.


The courses offered by edX are high in quality as compared to Coursera with respect to content, instructor experience, and course delivery. 
While analysing reviews from Google Play, it is been noted that the mobile app is not much user friendly as Coursera. There are some issues involved in video buffering, downloading, uptime, and navigation. Also the courses are little bit expensive then Coursera.

Is it worth paying for the

In case, you’re looking to just brush up on your skills or want to find out the new development in a particular area or field of study, it is not necessary to pay for a certificate. On the contrary, if these certificates keep you motivated and you want to incentivize yourself, then it can help!

As far as resumes are concerned, if you’re going to directly apply the skills right away in your job and gain experience, it’s again not necessary for your resume purposes.

Do employers find MOOCs certificates from Coursera or edX valuable?

Coursera and edX both offer verified certificates from renowned institutions. These certificates on your resume or LinkedIn profile will definitely make an impact. It is not guaranteed that you’ll get a job but the certificate exhibit that you’re committed to learning and interested in developing new skills. These small things may differentiate you from others and can influence the recruiter’s decision.

Which is THE BEST: Coursera or edX?

It entirely depends upon you, what are your learning goals and what subjects you’re interested in. Both platforms have their own specialty which caters to specific needs. You can see in the above table that the two have different categories of popular courses. You can enroll in most of the courses for free and can find out if it is good for you or not.