Codecademy Pro Review: Is It Worth?

What is Codecademy Pro?

Structure of Codecademy Pro

The way Codecademy Pro is structured, it’s very good for beginners or if you’re just getting started because it’s not too difficult. Also, if you are stuck in between, there’s a lot of resources that Codecademy provide es in such a way that you’ll continue to learn.

Codecademy Pro: First Impression. Onboarding and getting started

  1. Codecademy Pro Paths
  2. Unlimited Quizzes
  3. Real-World Projects
  4. Video Tutorials

When you first sign up for Codecademy Pro, you’ll encounter an onboarding page, there’s an assessment page, where you can see what you might excel at or what you might enjoy more. So, if you don’t know, whether to do web development, back-end, database, or even machine learning, you can take a tour and Codecademy will guide you from there.

Codecademy Pro Paths: Web Development

This learning path is designed to teach you full-stack web development. Here, you will learn things like React, JavaScript fundamentals, intermediate JavaScript, and even some Test-Driven Development (TDD) stuff, and is more beneficial for code newbies and people early on in their career. It has 14 modules or 14 lessons that you can start and then by the time you get to the end of the 14th one, you’ll get a little trophy.

Handful of quizzes and portfolio projects

Each lesson also has a quiz at the end. It is very helpful to solidify content. You can review quizzes and flashcards when you personally go through a course.

Also, if you download the Codecademy app, you can take quizzes on your phone and you can be constantly reviewing the concepts on the go.

In addition to the quizzes, there is a portfolio project that should be completed at the end of a greater lesson.

Real-World Projects

The other big thing Codecademy Pro has is a wide variety of real-world projects. Codecademy Pro has so many projects. You’re always going to be creating something, even if it’s super simple and they continue to have you do those projects, the deeper you get into the platform.

Not meant for Video Tutorials

If you prefer only video content, then Codecademy is not the platform for you just because it doesn’t have a lot of video content. Video is kind of an afterthought for this program, they’re very helpful for the projects and for other miscellaneous lectures. For the portfolio projects, there are some videos that give you an overview of how to do the project and everything after you completed the project.

Also, for some of the harder lessons, it does have video content but that is definitely not the basis of Codecademy. Codecademy is more like the text content on the left side of the screen and the editor on the right side and it just gives you step-by-step instructions.

They do have walkthroughs and explanations but primarily this is an interactive coding environment-based platform with the assistance of videos here and there.

User-Interface or Learning Environment of Codecademy Pro

Codecademy Pro has a typical layout or the typical interactive environment containing all of the courses and all of the paths on the pro version. It has the learning section on the left, and If you do get stuck, there’s a help section with a lot of video walkthroughs.

Codeacademy text editor

Codecademy usually uses mostly text content and for the most part, everything can be done within the site, you don’t have to open up your own text editor. Except for the portfolio projects, that is something best done in your own personal text editor, although you can do most of the portfolio projects within the Codecademy site.

Codecademy Pro: Career Paths vs Skill Paths

Codecademy Pro has various Career Paths such as front-end engineer, back-end engineer, full-stack, and even data scientist. The career paths are all-encompassing various languages of different goals. On the other hand, Skill Paths are a little bit more tailored and focused on one specific goal like creating a back-end app with javascript or build web apps with

Codecademy Pro: Modules/Courses

The courses are self-paced and the time it takes varies depending on you and your schedule. The course modules are consistent and the lessons are arranged in a logical way. It goes from relatively easy content and then as you go through the course it becomes a lot more difficult.

Course Exercises

Most of the modules have exercises that you go through. The exercises often have hints that can help you along the way. Sometimes the hints just give you the direct answer which is not necessarily great for development but it’s encouraging when you’re first learning to code. Several modules also have Cheatsheets.

Codecademy Pro: Cheatsheets

The Cheatsheets are summaries of a lesson. Because of the cheat sheets, you don’t have to go back and review everything in the lesson. You can just go to the Cheatsheet and it gives you a streamlined view of everything that has been covered. Just in case, you only need help with a small portion of the section rather than the whole course module, cheat sheets are very useful.

Unfortunately, not every module has a Cheatsheet such as a backend section which would have been helpful to have a Cheatsheet for that.

Codecademy Pro: PROS

  • Easy to use Interface
  • Customer Service (They got back to you within 24 hours, provides quick feedback and response)
  • Includes both free and low cost paid options.
  • No long videos, all practicals.
  • Proper Guided Projects and End Lesson Quizzes.
  • Codecademy Pro Community and forums (Also includes access to the Facebook group and Codecademy events)
  • Helpful in landing a job (for eg. interview preparation)

Codecademy Pro: CONS

  • A few buggy issues such as the scrolling on the internal dev environment can be a matter of concern.
  • Need to find the right balance between completely holding your hand through exercises and then completely throwing you into the deep end not even providing hints.

Final Words: Is Codecademy Pro Worth It?

I was pleasantly surprised by what Codecademy Pro has to offer. Their courses are very clean with a huge variety. Codecademy Pro offers so many topics for developers to explore. The only negative side is that it could be TMI and even just too much information for one membership. As compared to other coding platforms and courses, this is one of the most complicated platforms.