Best Online Coding Classes For Kids

Why is coding important for kids to learn? Why are so many parents teaching their kids to code computer programs? Is coding the future of mankind? Maybe the image below can answer these questions.

1995 was the time when computers started playing an important role in our society.

1995 was the time when programming was a tiny field of study.

And 1995 was the time when legendary Steve Jobs saved Apple from near bankruptcy with his newly established company NeXT.

NeXT was all about Object-Oriented Programming used in operating systems, which is going on to become the backbone of today’s macOS

The reason we teach our kids how to code is not to become software developers and programmers or want them to build the new Facebook and other brilliant apps. This might be someone’s goal or dream but the real reason why we started teaching this language to our kids is to help them communicate with computers.

Technology advances at an exponential rate over time and the coding is the foundational base of it. Coding or programming is the only language that computers can understand. And in order to work with computers, one must know and understand their language. Coding has become the basic literacy in this digital world and having children how to code makes them future-ready.

Other astounding benefits of coding are:-

  • Coding improves thinking-ability.
  • Help increase kids’ IQ.
  • Boosts creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Develops their concentration skills.
  • Helpful to them in their math subject. A win-win for academics too.
  • They’ll learn patience and become well-disciplined.

Now, we know the importance of coding for kids and its other amazing benefits, we now have to look for the best and right training provider who can groom our kids for the future. Online coding classes are a great place to impart this knowledge. To help you find the best coding classes for your kids, take a look at these top learning platforms, and enroll your child in the best online coding class.

Best Coding Classes for Kids at glance

WhiteHat Jr

Over a million students enrolled worldwide with 750,000 projects and counting, Whitehat Jr is one of the top coding learning platforms helping students exclusively between the age of 6 to 18 in building commercial-ready apps, games, and animations. The platform not only focused on teaching coding to kids but also helps in unleashing their creativity and strategic thinking.

What do they teach and how the classes are conducted?

WhiteHat Jr adopts a fun and easy method to teach kids how to code through their appealing dashboard. In the beginning, kids use certain visual blocks and they simply have to drag and drop already written codes in a correct sequence. As the kid started making progress, they dive into writing coding languages namely Javascript, Python, and Swift. Kids are also appreciated with badges and cool hats, upon completion of weekly and monthly assignments.

The classes can be booked in advance according to the convenience and preferred time of students and parents. One can also change the given time-slot upon 24 hours prior notice.

Key USPs of WhiteHat Jr:-

Live 1:1 online teaching

Each student has a distinctive learning requirement. Some students are emerging learners, some are intermediate, while some are advanced. Additionally, while some students are learning app development, others may be more interested in interactive gaming. With 1:1 custom-designed classes for each student, it is possible to serve the unique needs of each student effectively and get their attention continuously. Interactive learning platform each student has a distinctive learning requirement. Some students are emerging learners, some are intermediate, while some are advanced. Additionally, while some students are learning app development, others may be more interested in interactive gaming. With 1:1 custom-designed classes for each student, it is possible to serve the unique needs of each student effectively and get their attention continuously.

Interactive Learning Platform

The platform promotes learner’s engagement with compelling, seamless, and easily accessible training courses. With live 1:1 classes, students can interact with instructors and can ask any questions and have a discussion on a particular topic. The classes are turned into fun and engaging by incorporating gamification teaching methods and hence maximize learner’s enjoyment and motivation. Moreover, the regular assessment of students makes it possible to enhance their overall performance.

Comprehensive and Customized Course Curriculum

The course curriculum is well structured for all experience levels keeping in mind students learning objectives. The syllabus is being designed by top IITians and IB-trained experts with continuous improvement over individual course offerings. On the basis of the potential of each student and their age-group, the curriculum is being divided into grade-wise. Take a look:-

  1. Beginners (Grade 1) – Build computer games, puzzles, and apps with logic & abstraction
  2. Intermediate (Grades 2-3) – Build characters, games, animations, apps with code.
  3. Advanced (Grades 4-6) – Build commercial-ready animations, apps, and games.
  4. Professional (Grades 7-9) – Build entrepreneur-ready apps and games with Object-Oriented Code.
  5. Applied Tech (Grades 10-12+) – Learn AI, Python, Machine Learning, and their use cases in life-tech, driverless cars, and in space-tech.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Teachers

The tutors at WhiteHat Jr are from eminent IT institutions and can understand the psychology and caliber of each student of which course they fit in, well that’s all it required. They are well-trained to elucidate apparently confusing and complex concepts to children as young as nine or ten years old in an elementary manner. On top of that, WhiteHat Jr follows a stringent 5-step selection process for confirming the right teacher candidate for the right kid.

Key learnings:-

  • Sequence
  • Coding Blocks
  • Loops
  • UI/UX
  • Conditionals
  • Logic Structures
  • Turtle Coding
  • Space-Tech
  • Game/App Design
  • Python Basics
  • Data Processing & Analytics
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision & Natural Language Processing
  • Life-Tech: Predict Disease


The fundamental mission of WhiteHat Jr is to make the young students ready for the future and empower them to be creators of technology rather than consumers. Schedule a free live 1:1 trial class today by selecting your child’s class or grade in school, and check whether your kid is showing any interest or not.

Vedantu Super Kids

This program by Vedantu helps equip learners between 6-12 years with coding skills. With exceptionally talented teachers trained from the top reputed institutions, the platform delivers customized live one-on-one teaching based on the student’s learning pace. Furthermore, the program concentrates more on developmental aspects including cognitive, linguistic, and sensory.

What do they teach and how the classes are conducted?

Besides teaching game and app development, Vedantu focuses more on teaching web design, Artificial Intelligence, Python Programming, IoT applications, and several project-driven programs. Classes are conducted between 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM IST with one hour each session.

Key USPs of Vedantu Super Kids:-

Interactive live sessions with gamification techniques 

Vedantu implements rich animations and gamification techniques to bring out the learning motivation from students. The gamification is tracked, analyzed, and communicated for tangible results. Gamification also makes the overall learning experience more interactive and engaging.

Development of life skills

The teachers take a 360-degree approach to teach students about skills other than technical like decision-making and problem-solving skills, creative and analytical thinking, and design thinking by analyzing different circumstances while writing codes, developing games and apps.

Flexible classes

The parents are free to choose the number of classes per week for their children. It is completely dependent on students of how they want to pace these. But it is recommended to take not more than 2-3 classes as the student should have ample amount to practice and absorb learning.

Course Curriculum

There are various courses offered by Vedantu according to age group and interest.

  1. Introduction to Coding
  2. Introduction to App Development
  3. Introduction to Game Designing
  4. Introduction to Web Designing and Multimedia Creation
  5. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  6. Introduction to Python
  7. Introduction to Data Structures and Functions
  8. Introduction to the Internet of Things and Robotics

Key learnings:-

  • Coding basics
  • Animations
  • App and game development
  • Web design and web pages
  • Youtube channel establishment
  • Cyber Security
  • Chatbots
  • Basics of Python
  • Visual Programming
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Real-Life Projects
  • Implement AI and IoT


Vedantu Superkids are creating a series of programs as steppingstones to attain the target of developing a strong base in children. If you want your child to develop coding skills as well as other life skills then head towards Vedantu Superkids.


Based in Austin, Texas CodeWizardsHQ renders the most entertaining and productive online coding training for kids of age group 8-18 throughout their elementary, middle-term, and high school programs. Their classes are divided into Elementary School Coding Program, Middle School Coding Program, High School Coding Program, and Advanced Placement Computer Science Prep. They not only teach kids programming languages but also how to thrive in this digital era. They are well committed to their promises to give the children a real advantage over technology, academics, and social life.

What do they teach and how the classes are conducted?

Codewizardshq through their structured curriculum delivers coding skills such as animation and gaming with Scratch, real-world programming languages like Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and more. Students take on various project buildings for example Minecraft, Online Multiplayer Games, and Virtual Reality applications.

The classes are conducted for an hour once per week. They are held in their headquarters and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. There are six students on average in a particular class with not more than eleven. Students are grouped according to age and coding knowledge.

Key USPs of CodeWizardsHQ:-

Well-designed learning path

The program structure is designed according to different Wizard levels. Each level takes one academic year to complete. The student step by step takes onto different levels and graduates each class by completing 12 lessons, and core projects. At the end of each level, students take a Capstone class to build live projects with the skills they’ve acquired. The student can also skip particular classes if they have prior coding experience.

Internship Program

CodeWizardsHQ is the only online coding training provider that offers internship opportunities to their well-deserving students. They run a High School Internship Program in which interns are introduced to non-profit organizations and work on completing a software project and other research work. The internship not only provides hands-on working experience but also bolsters student college applications which makes the student stand apart from others showing their skills with a portfolio of completed live projects.

Exceptional Teachers

The academy has dedicated and passionate teachers that bring their best each day with their class, knowing what motivates and excites the children to learn. They know how to adapt schedule changes, lesson plans for the unique needs of each student, and keep the learning at the forefront. Another thing which makes the teachers of the academy really exceptional is the selection procedure. The selection of teachers is made carefully by checking all the background details and practical experience in the field.

After the class support

Students can seek help and support 24/7 through direct messaging and can schedule live one-on-one meetings with the teachers at a suitable time. Students can also participate in an online well-moderated community with their peers and teachers to ask any help related to homework, projects, or to get rid of any doubt. Their beyond the classroom support is amazing. Moreover, one can also get recorded video lessons and instructional slides in case of absence or fail to attend a class.

Other features/benefits of CodeWizardsHQ programs

  • Daily Homework Help
  • Hands-on, project-based learning
  • Downloadable slides for every class
  • Weekly progress report & alerts
  • Individual Course Certification
  • Direct Messaging with Teachers
  • Access to Proprietary Coding Platform anytime

Key learnings:-

  • Fundamentals of programming
  • Web development
  • Gaming and animation
  • Programming with Python
  • Webpages with HTML & CSS
  • Interactive Web with JavaScript
  • Virtual Reality Game design
  • User Interface Development
  • Database management
  • Mobile App Development
  • Building Web Applications
  • MVC Framework
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • AI and Machine Learning


The mission of CodeWizardsHQ is to prepare students for success in the digital world by teaching them how to code. If your kid has a considerable interest in programming and tech and wants to become a great entrepreneur then this academy is best for her/him.


Codevidhya based in India enables kids of age between 6 to 16 to learn coding skills and help them survive in the algorithms economy. Their philosophy is simple, choose a course, learn online from live classes, and become a certified coder. What makes Codevidhya different from others is their futuristic computer science curriculum which empowers the future generation. The online platform is being supported by the instructor’s training, workshops, hackathons, competitions, live projects, and effective assessments.

What do they teach and how the classes are conducted?

Their core teachings are Scratch Coding, App and Web development, and Python Coding, HTML & CSS. They provide live personal tutoring one-on-one over their platform.

Key USPs of Codevidhya:-

Intensive research and expertise in preparation of course curriculum

Codevidhya’s curriculum has gone through a series of well-research practices that make it possible of student’s smoothly shift into coding. They have a well-diversified team of experts, developers, and computer scientists that continuously work on curriculum improvement.

Strong Community

The students have been recognized and awarded at the international level, participating in competitions such as the Google Learn to Code Contest.

24/7 active support

In case of any doubts and queries related to class rescheduling, they are always available to you 24/7. Their active customer support team will assist you at any step of the process and hence, save your time and effort by maintaining a flexible and healthy learning environment.

Key learnings:-

  • Programming concepts and fundamentals
  • Block-based Programming
  • Python Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Visual Effects and Animation
  • Stories, Games, and apps creation
  • Web Development
  • Complex App functionalities
  • Logical Loops and Conditionals in JavaScript for making websites
  • Nested Loops and Functions


Codevidhya is dedicated towards exploring the future of young talents through combining learning with innovation, sharing, and collaboration. Participate in the global Coding Movement. Book a free available demo class today.

Toppr Codr: For Kids Aged 6-18

Toppr is popular amongst those who are preparing for exams such as JEE, NEET, CA Foundation, etc in India. The platform has separate classes for teaching coding also named- Toppr Codr. The classes are designed for kids age 6-18 into different formats from beginner to advanced.

What do they teach and how the classes are conducted?

Toppr Codr teaches young students how to create mobile apps, websites, video games, 3D animation, AR/VR applications, and also Artificial Intelligence through their live one-on-one coding platform. They also focus on emerging computational technologies like Blockchain, IoT, and Robotics.

Key USPs of Toppr Codr:-


Toppr Codr implements advanced technology into their platform like Thunkable, Java, Arduino, App Lab, and React Native, besides with Python for AI/ML. They leverage both block-based and text-based coding platforms to impart learning.

Specially designed curriculum

The curriculum of Toppr Codr is designed by graduates from MIT and IITs. It includes different self-paced modules, adaptive learning paths, 1:1 live personalized classes, and output based learning.

It includes:

  • Basic Coding Fundamentals
  • Basic Coding Foundation
  • Standard Advanced Coding
  • Standard App and Game Development
  • Standard Web and App Development
  • Premium Game and App Development
  • Premium Advanced Coding and Space Tech
  • Premium Advanced App Development with ML and AI

Awards and Accolades

The platform won several awards like IAMAI India Digital Award for Best Tech In Education, Indian Education Award as Best Education Platform, and AWS Mobility Awards for Best In Education Industry.

Key learnings:-

  • Algorithms
  • Programs
  • Debugging
  • Functions
  • Loops and Conditionals
  • Events and animations
  • UI & UX
  • App/Game Design and Development
  • Web development and WebApps
  • Space-Tech Simulations
  • Python Programming
  • Control flows


Toppr Codr is exclusively for children aged between 6 and 18 years for coding classes that are fun, engaging, and yet challenging. The team constantly works on creating courses and learning paths by talking with students, getting their feedback from a particular course, and brainstorming altogether. Sing up and book a free class to get some experience.

Final thoughts

‘Coding for kids’ is still in its early infancy and soon it’ll go far beyond to be a useful subject taught in schools. Most of the schools with today’s education system are not well-equipped with the required technology to teach coding skills to kids that’s why these online mission-driven platforms born to take this challenge and fulfill every code-lover child’s aspiration to become the next Mark Zukerberg.