Applied AI Course Review: Is It The Course That Gets You HIRED!

In this article, we’ll be discussing, if the Applied AI course is for you or not. For reviewing the Applied AI course, there are some important questions(which are mentioned in this article) that you need to ask yourself before joining it. The other important stuff that we’ll be discussing are 

  • Duration of the course
  • Fees of the course 
  • Value of the certification provided by Applied AI
  • Assignment Submission
  • Job Guarantee Program
  • Interviews
  • Salary package offered

Are you willing to work hard?

This course contains 150 plus hours of video lectures and has 30 assignments. So all in all, just to finish the course content, you will have to invest at least 300 to 400 hours overall. It includes making notes and studying lecture because for some of you it might be possible that you will be able to understand the concept in just one look but for some students, it’s not like that, they have to watch videos multiple times or sometimes have to refer external resources to get the idea. Based on that, it might take 300 to 400 hours and also some additional hours for completing the assignments and other work.

All-inclusive, you have to put a lot of effort to complete this course, it’s not like some 30 or even 40 hours of course. So, buckle up for a long ride, else, you can check out some less intensive courses. 

What job role you’re targeting: Data Analyst or Data Scientist?

Before taking this course, you first need to decide, whether you want to be a Data Analyst or a Data Scientist. The main job of the Data Analyst is to get insights from the data. For example, you are working in an organization and that organization wants to know why their sales are dropping. So, you will see the data, analyze it, and see what are the factors affecting the sales. This is the job of a Data Analyst in a short. 

And if you are a Data Scientist, you will be doing all this work deciding what are the main factors and based on this, you will predict what will be the sales in the future. 

So with this, you might have got a very basic idea about the difference between Data Analyst and Data Scientist. 

Now let’s take this point and move a little bit ahead if you should take this Applied AI course or not.

If you want to be a Data Scientist, you can take this Applied AI course but if you want to be a Data Analyst, you can take some course that emphasizes more on Visualization and Visualizing tools like Power BI or Tableau. You can refer to some good resources. Nowadays, iNeuron is running a very great initiative, they are providing free Power BI and Tableau courses, you can always check out their YouTube channel, you can find those tutorials. They are actually very good and will work very well for you.

Are you comfortable with Coding?

Are you comfortable with coding, it doesn’t mean that you know how to code. What this means is, even if you don’t know coding, are you willing to learn it, and if you are willing to learn then most probably or there are more chances that you will be able to do all the assignments and with some help or with the help of external resources. 

This is because the assignments are designed in such a way that you will have to develop so many things from the scratch. Even if the packages are available, you have to write code for that. The main motive of designing the assignments in this way is, they want you to have a good understanding of all the concepts and by doing the coding of these assignments, you will be able to get a very good and clear picture of all the concepts. So yes, you will have to code, and if you don’t want to code, you can take some courses which are totally based on using the packages and you will be good to go with those courses. But if you are willing to put in extra effort and also do as much coding as possible, the Applied AI course is for you.

Are you targeting big product based companies?

If you are targeting non-hardcore ML companies then you will be good with any courses even Udemy courses will work fine, where you won’t have to focus more on the details and mathematics behind the algorithms. And if you know how to use packages and how to implement those algorithms using those packages then you will be just fine. 

On the contrary, if you are targeting big product-based companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, or many more company like this, then this course is best for you. Because this course covered a good amount of mathematics behind each algorithm and assignments are also designed in that way only where you have to build things from scratch. So, you will learn how to optimize your code, and you will also learn how to select the parameter and performance parameter because based on the use case performance parameters change.

Do you want a deep understanding of ML/DL Algorithms?

If you want to understand each ML Algorithm or even deep learning Algorithm, then this course is for you.

However, if you are someone who wants to use the algorithm like a black box or just want a little bit of understanding then you will be good with any other courses like Udemy courses. It will work for you and those courses are actually very cheap as compared to the Applied AI course.

This course helps you understand all the concepts behind AI/ML and Deep Learning, also the mathematics behind it. The course also helps you to optimize that algorithm based on your use case. So, there are many things in the course, if you want to learn things deeply and want to know how things are going under those and if you are ready to get your hands dirty with mathematics, this course is for you. Hence, for general understanding, you can always see other courses which are much cheaper and you can get it for like ₹500 or ₹600 on Udemy.

So, based on these questions, you can decide if you should take the Applied AI course or not.

Next, let’s talk about some other important points.

Duration of the course 

The validity and duration of the course is 12 months. That basically means that the content will be given for 12 months. And this is the problem, if you were expecting, if this course had been provided for a complete lifetime, it has been much better. Within the 12 months, if you are not able to clear the interviews then that basically means that you will be getting your money-back guarantee.

Applied AI course fees

The fee for this particular course is ₹25,000 INR plus GST(18%). You can also take EMI at ₹2650 per month for the payment. So based on this, it is affordable, it is not that too costly as compared to other courses which you’re getting for ₹1.0 lakh or ₹1.5 lakhs. 

Value of the certification provided by Applied AI

If you are thinking like what about certifications. Let me tell you, certification plays a role but not as much as your portfolio. If you have a very great portfolio but don’t have many certifications, it won’t affect you, you will easily get to the interview or even you will be able to clear the interview. However, if you have a very well known certification but don’t know the concept well, you won’t be able to clear the interview. Based on this, you must get some idea, how certification plays a role and what is the value of the knowledge and the portfolio.

What is the job guarantee program by Applied AI course?

Many people have confusion regarding this program, in terms of whether or not they secured a job after completing the program and what is the eligibility criteria of the Job Guarantee Program. Let’s take a look at some of the requirements.

1. You have to submit all the necessary assignments without fail

The first, foremost thing and the very important point is, you need to submit all your mandatory assignments within one year of the course. This one year will start from the date of your registration. Basically, there are 30 assignments out of which two are optional assignments. In both of the optional assignments, you’ll be practicing Python programming and the other 28 assignments are mandatory. So, you need to submit these 28 assignments to be eligible for a job guarantee program or cashback program.

The submission of these assignments should be made within the validity of the course, which is one year from the date of registration.

If you are not able to complete all the assignments within the validity of the course, you won’t be eligible for the cashback or the Job Guarantee Program. So, this is a very important point which you need to keep in your mind. 

2. Limit on the number of submissions of assignments?

When you go to the submission section of the course, there you will see a limit on the total number of submissions for the assignments. They have given a total number of submissions which can be done as four. But, what if somebody is not able to submit the complete assignment within four submissions, will they eligible for a Job Guarantee Program or not.

Yes, they will be eligible for the Job Guarantee Program but you should submit your assignments within four attempts. Maybe there will be having some evaluation based on your number of submissions or there will be having some background process. So, it is advisable, you complete your assignment within four submissions but it’s not like you won’t be eligible for the job guarantee program, even if you cause that limit.

3. Plagiarism

Applied AI Team acts very strictly against plagiarism. So make sure you don’t copy code from anybody or fellow students of the course. In case, you’re copying any code from the internet, then give due credits to the source from which you’re copying or from which you’re referencing, or you are taking help from.

4. Interviews

If you don’t have some interest in giving an interview then again you won’t be eligible for a Job Guarantee Program. And based on your consent only, they will schedule your interview. Without your consent, they won’t schedule any interviews. 

It should be noted here that you do thorough research about the company and about the job role, you’re applying for. You should be well aware of what are the employer is expecting from you and before saying yes to an interview, you should be fully prepared. 

5. Will be eligible after passing UG/PG and clearing all assignments

If you are a college student, let’s say you are in your fifth semester and you still have two years to complete your graduation or if you are in your post-graduation, so based on that you can take this example. 

So let’s say, you are in your 5th semester and you’ve taken this course. So basically, you have two years to complete this course because without completing your undergraduate program or your PG program, you won’t be eligible for the interview or the recommendation from the Applied AI team. In brief, you need to complete all those thirty assignments as well as your degree to be eligible for the job guarantee program or cashback program.

Hence, you should keep in mind all the above points for the Job Guarantee Program eligibility criteria.

Applied AI course Placement/Salary

For freshers who have experience from one to two years or maybe even three years, they are able to get the package of 7.5 to 8.0 lakh per annum. This in-hand salary, this is not CTC which is very good because for a fresher this much amount is actually very big and if you manage to crack the interview of Google, Microsoft or Amazon, you can get even more. 

If we talk about experienced people on average, they’re managed to get the hike of somewhere 30% to 50% salary hike. The Applied AI team doesn’t reveal the exact amount of the package but you can expect somewhere around a 30 to 50% hike in your salary. There were cases in which people managed to get a 100% hike or even a 200% hike, which is not very usual, occasionally people get that much hike.