9 Best Courses on LinkedIn Learning for Everyone

LinkedIn Learning is the best place for brushing up on certain soft and hard skills. The platform has over 13,000 courses ranging from business to creative and lots more added every week. You can watch small size videos as well as in-depth lectures for hands-on experience. After completing each course, you can attach accomplished certificates on your LinkedIn certification section to bolster your profile.

However, it should be noted that you can take any LinkedIn Learning course by starting your monthly/annual subscription plan or by paying the given course charges upfront. When you register for the LinkedIn Learning account it will ask for your card details as a subscription fee but currently, LinkedIn is providing a one-month free subscription through which you can access and unlock 13,000+ course library with a certificate of completion.

The tip is to register for the LinkedIn Learning account and try to finish as many courses as you can in your first month. When you complete any course you will be provided with a certificate that is valid for lifelong. At the end of your first month make sure to cancel your monthly subscription to avoid any charges from LinkedIn. However, if you’re happy with the course material you may wish to continue by paying the monthly subscription charges.

Excel 2016 Essential Training

The beautiful thing about Excel training is that it is ubiquitous across any company. This is the skill that every employer looks for in the candidate. This is a great course because you’ll be taught by someone who has 25+ years of experience in handling and giving Excel training. This course helps you to upgrade your skills from basic to more advanced levels. Some of the learning you’ll get from this course are:

  • Excel introduction: toolbar features, menus, workbooks, worksheets, etc
  • Data entry: editing, autofill, undo, redo, etc
  • Excel Formulas and functions: sum, average, lookup, etc
  • Formatting: font styles, borders, colors, height, and width, etc
  • Data management, creating charts, security, and sharing workbooks and worksheets

Advertising on Facebook

If you’re in any way involved in your organization’s social media or digital marketing department, this is definitely the course you need. It covers the basics of how to use the Facebook ad manager, how to run ads on Instagram, how to write good copy, and how to maximize your budgetary spending. This is also a great course for entrepreneurs or small businesses that are looking to promote via Facebook or Instagram marketing.

Body Language for Leaders

This is a great course for anybody who is looking to upgrade their public speaking. The course teaches best practices for executive presence, the ability to be seen and heard in meetings, and to come across as the consummate professional and outstanding leader. 

Moreover, you’ll also learn how to connect your body language to your words, and how to crush a handshake. You’ll know how 90% of the communication that we do between us as human beings that happen without words.

The course instructor is Carol Kinsey Goman who has years of experience as an international speaker, and in providing training to female leaders, executives, salespeople, and among other entrepreneurs. 

The key learning you’ll get from this course are:

  • Cross-cultural body language
  • Leadership presence
  • Vocal delivery
  • Gestures and stance

Project Management Foundations

As the name suggests, this course builds a foundational base for your project management career. It is specifically designed for beginners to intermediate who have some knowledge. You don’t need to know anything about project management to get started with this course. The course starts by teaching general aspects of project management such as the definition, type, and life cycle of project management. As you proceed, you’ll be introduced to the entire process of planning, building, running, communicating, and closing a project. From making widgets on an assembly line to running complex financial equations you will improve your career trajectory by getting better at project management.

Online Marketing Foundations

This course is terrific because it’s going to teach you how to connect with customers online, how to use video to your advantage, and a lot about the basics of digital marketing. You’ll also understand how to start generating leads and converting those leads to customers online. After completing this course successfully, you will gain certain skills like SEO, Content Marketing, Analytics, and Social Media Marketing.

Access 2016 Essential Training

Again a great training course for beginners to intermediate level users who either don’t know anything about Microsoft Access or have limited knowledge of it. This is going to be an outstanding opportunity for you to learn the basics of database administration. This course will teach you how to make tables and buttons and how to attach those tables to those buttons, and how to sort through the data in those tables. If your role requires you to do anything with a database this is definitely the one worth checking out.

Managing Your Time

For everybody no matter what the skill level you are at, should take this time management course by Dr. Todd Dewett. In this short course, he will teach you the 80/20 rule of time management of how 80% of your time is sucked up by 20% of your tasks. You’ll know how to prioritize your tasks and be more productive to make the most of every minute of the day. You’ll also master skills such as life skills, and personal development.

Critical Thinking

This is something again that anyone can benefit from. Critical thinking is something we all need to do more and better. What’s great about this course is it’s going to teach you how to ask the question behind the question. It’ll teach you how to use the five why’s and seven so-called Whats. It’s an outstanding course to really up to your thinking to the executive level.

Data science

Data Science is one of the most important skills in 2020 and beyond. This data science and analytics course is provided by Professor Jungwoo Ryoo of Penn State University. The course introduced to you some of the critical areas of data science like cloud computing, distributed file systems, machine learning, and other important tools. You’ll get the ability to take raw data and pull insights out of it and then convert those insights into a narrative that you can share with other people.