6 Best Skillshare Photography Classes

PHOTOGRAPHY is a great way to stay creative, to stay mentally active, and just kind of get motivated to do something. 

Pricing Your Work: How to Value Your Work as a Freelancer

This class is by Peggy Dean who is a graphic designer and is specifically for freelancers. This is the number one question that is asked all the time i.e how much to charge for photography, for videography, and for packages. It is such a difficult question to answer because there are so many components that go into that but this course really goes over everything really well and succinctly.

Peggy is very clear and easy to follow and you can able to apply all the things that she says to your own business or your freelance work.

If you actually want to do photography professionally or just on the side but want to make some money out of your hobby or out of your passion, you have to know the business side and you have to know, how to charge your clients for that work.

Lifestyle Photography: Capturing Inspiring Visual Stories- Marte Marie Forsberg

This course is something that is really great if you’re just looking for something to do at home and you want some inspiration for photography.

This one is lifestyle photography by Marte Marie Forsberg. She is really awesome to listen to and learn from. She’s a food and lifestyle photographer. She has a whole lesson in this class all about shooting at home but she talks about a lot more than that. You’ll learn important photography lessons such as thinking about what you going to do for your photoshoot, why you’re doing it, how to find inspiration, how to get ideas for what you should shoot, and why.

So alone you’ll love this course just for the at-home segment but you will learn a lot from her if you listen to all those tutorials that she has. After watching all the videos or tutorials, you can go right away and do your own setups and try it out.

Fundamentals of Photo Editing- Justin Bridges

Justin is a fashion and lifestyle photographer based in New York City.  His teaching style is amazing. In this course, he talks about the technical side of editing, what you need to know to do certain things but he also talks about the purpose behind why you might want to do something i.e the artistic, and the creative side and how that influences your photo to get it where you need it to be. 


So if you’re interested in photo editing, this is worth taking. Also whether you’re into lifestyle or fashion photography, you will definitely love this course. Even just general photography, you’re going to learn a lot about editing and the thinking behind photo editing

Personal Branding: Crafting Your Social Media Presence- Kate Arends

This class is a little bit more in-depth but something that you should be doing. This is crafting your personal brand and figuring out how to do that.

This one is taught by Kate Arends who has a blog – Wit & Delight and she’s basically taken that blog to new HEIGHTS. In her class, she teaches how to build a personal brand whether you’re doing that for a company or for yourself, and how to really think about it. She has actually printed out worksheets so you can go along with her, figure out what your personal brand is why it’s that, use those worksheets to develop it, and then she even has posting worksheets if you need help with basically designing a social media posting schedule, it is all in this class.


This is a well comprehensive class that you could spend a day basically doing and thinking about and then afterward you will basically have developed that Personal Brand.

If photography or videography is something you’re serious about and you want to make a brand out of it, you should definitely check this course because this is going to give you a great foundation for your online personal brand. 

Product Marketing: Creating Compelling Brand Imagery- Jeff Staple

This course explains the art of brand imagery in product marketing. The instructor Jeff Staple who is a founder Staple Design, specifically talks about a fashion line and how to do like look books and things like that. So you’ll learn a lot about the photography side of things but also the business aspect of it. 

This course will really help you get in the mind of businesses that you might be working with. This is a great mesh of someone who runs their own business and also understands photography and they come together in a really great way. The course teaches you about the visuals, what is really important, and while it might lean a bit more on marketing a specific product how do you do that with photography.


Jeff is just very insightful about all things to do with business and how to actually sell products. And if you want to do photography commercially basically that’s what most photos are doing unless you’re going to the final art route. Most photography is going to be for ads to sell something and how to do that so you really have to understand that if you want to go the commercial route with photography.

Instagram-Worthy Photography: Shoot, Edit & Share with Brandon Woelfel

No matter if you’re a rookie or a professional photographer, you’ll surely love this class. Brandon Woelfel, the course instructor is one of the well-known photographers whose own signature style of photography has attracted over 3 million followers on Instagram. 

Throughout the class, you’ll learn how to use your surroundings into a creative art, how to use lights and color to produce magic out of your photos, how to edit your photos to create a magical and whimsical final effect, and lastly the art of sharing photos and captivating audience with a story.


With clear instructions and helpful notes, Brandon will guide you at every single step in the class. You can also check out his YouTube channel and get some inspiration from it. There is a lot to learn from his uploaded videos also.

If you want to level up your photography skills or just want to grow your photography business, Skillshare is the best place to start with. With less than ten dollars a month, it is honestly an amazing deal. You’ll have access to all these amazing classes and wonderful people. You can also Get Started with 14 Days Free Trial.